Saturday, January 23, 2010

Debra's Day Out

Imagine this-- Debra had a day out yesterday. 

I drove with Tom to his job at 6:00 a.m. (!) then after leaving him there, drove through darkness to the supermarket of our old town, you know, the place we lived 15 years and where God shook-up and rearranged everything inside me. 

The supermarket was shadowy, lights, low. We early birds don't need lights to shop by, obviously. heh. No, I respect the saving energy thing and bought my coffee and squinted through a few decorating magazines.

Hung out until 8:00 and daylight then drove to our old neighborhood, past our former house and the streets I once walked upon and noted few changes--and appreciated that. I'd not missed too much this past year-and-a-half, I mused.

Then to Burger King for breakfast where I sat beside my favorite big window, full of morning sun, and read my current book, even whipping out my reading glasses which I don't like to do in public. But hey. What are ya gonna do at my age?

Then off to Salvation Army across the street where I searched only for a good book, but found none. Then around the corner to the town library for old time's sake where I went online a few minutes and then alas! Ran into an acquaintance from years gone by. She thought we'd moved to Virginia so I told her that, instead, we'd chosen this 4-acre farm. We chatted about composting and gardening until her little guy began squealing for her from the children's room and I left the library, smiling.

Back to the supermarket for groceries then to the main reason I'd come along with Tom so early in the day--my appointment at the oral surgeon's so she could remove my two tiny stitches inside my mouth. Was out of there--truly--in less than five minutes. Whew.

Then off to the drugstore, then to the old-time supermarket next door, the one which hurls me back to the 1940's, but just enjoyed strolling the aisles amidst all the mostly-over-age-60 people, the ones who keep this ancient place in business. Then over to the old-fashioned "Dime Store" (where I bought Valentines and cheapo birthday cards), I drove back to pick-up Tom who'd arranged to leave work early.

We made other stops, picked up lunch and drove back through the sparkling countryside, then back home, unloaded groceries from the car. I gazed all around at the sun and silence upon the snow and felt its warmth and said, "If only the whole winter could be like this--what a piece of cake!"

We changed clothes and then--finally--we watched the movie, Up. Oh wow. 

I think this barely qualifies as a kids' movie. All I know is that it tore-up my adult heart and made me cry at all scenes with Ellie (who I loved from Moment One). Perhaps Carl and Ellie reminded me too much of Tom and myself, I'm not sure. 

But we made it through this emotional roller coaster of a flick, then Tom was off to a physical therapy appointment, leaving me here to think about the movie and such a perfect day, the best part being the arrival back to this old farmhouse.

It's pleasant to visit the past, but it's even nicer to leave it back there where it belongs.



Elizabeth said...

Debra, That sounds like a wonderful day,even though it included a visit to the dental office. I feel the same way when I visit where i have lived before.

Donetta said...

Thanks for taking me our with you for the day :)
It sounds so peaceful

Saija said...

sounds like a good day ... with bits of everything in it ... like a balanced meal ... :o)

by the way, i love the header pic - the way your window frames the snow covered tree ...

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Wow! A great day, and so much wisdom. You are right. I think we are supposed to appreciate the past and know it is part of who we are, but not cling to it and get stuck there.

What a beautiful photograph you posted with this post. Wow.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

ps: I saw UP with my daughter Alice and her family and we all loved it!

jodi said...

I loved that movie also!

Laura said...

I cannot watch UP enough. I love that movie! I hope they make some kind of prequel where we see so much more of Ellie!

Sounds like you had a great day! As it should be!