Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally I'm making actual progress on our large-ish middle bedroom upstairs, the room I never show you because of its brown paneled walls, brown painted floors, brown painted window frames and brown painted doors (what was someone thinking? Sheesh.).

How wonderful, though, to give this room an airy, light touch. While wielding a paintbrush, I listen to lovely instrumental music and glance at the dancing birch tree reflections on the 'table top' (a framed print set upon a round table) while I give these paneled walls, well, a voice of sorts. They sing now, where before, they only moaned at their ugliness.

How amazing the ability to make my home lovelier even in Today's economy, to leave it fairer than I found it. But then, always that's been possible for those people who seek cheaper, more creative solutions rather than just sitting in chairs, venting and sputtering at the way things are inside their world and outside, as well.

And so it goes for the whole of this old farmhouse, a re-clothing of its walls and windows so to add warmth and color and to release its voice to sing, even on these snowy, blowy winter days.


Soon I'll paint the floors, white (a la this room). Though Heaven only knows how I will keep Lennon and McCartney The Cats off of them until they dry. :) Oh, and I'll paint the nightstand and footstool white, also. There's ever so much left to do up there.


Trust in the Lord (not your job, not the economy, not the President) with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength.... lean not upon your own understanding.


Louise said...

Beautiful room!

Laura said...

An all brown room? How depressing! I love what you've done to the room and it will look so good with white floors too!

Sara said...

boo-tee-full! and have you, like me, reached the point in life when it's actually lovely knowing there is something yet to do instead of just wanting to be done (which one never really is!) you and i might be the only ones in heaven to whom God gives fixer-upper mansions just to keep us amused!

Elizabeth said...

Very, very nice Debra!

Kathryn McHinion said...

Yes, you are truly amazing in making your room more lovelier. Because you love the room, so that is the fruit of your love. The room is simple yet cute and pretty good. Keep it up!