Friday, May 15, 2009

So if you want to find me, here is where I'll be. What a huge project! But I keep reminding myself that--someday-- half this space will be full of lovely flowers. That's the inspiration.

In just over two weeks we'll have bought this house one year ago--and wow, what a year it's been!

I reminded Tom yesterday that we are much farther along now than we were this time last year. He tends to see what we've not yet accomplished so my job is to remind him how far we've come. He needs me that way. :)

I mean, as of last May 15th, we hadn't even moved all our possessions here (all those boxes!), nor replaced 18 windows or painted four rooms or insulated the house or built a garage or had the barn area dug out and replaced with gravel. The flower beds weren't under control as they are today and half my garden wasn't covered with tarps and hay (to keep it weed-free till I'm ready to use it) and we hadn't replaced all the gardening tools, lawnmower and wheelbarrow which we'd given away (what were we thinking?). We didn't have enough beds, tables, chairs, shelves or dressers. The floors of this main level were an unfinished mess, we didn't have enough rugs for the floors and we had no bird feeders nor birdbath outside the bay window.

And so the list goes.

Your homework? Make a list of all you've accomplished this past year. Why? Because remembering what we've done can inspire us during the slow times, times when it seems we're stuck because before we can do this, we must do that, and before we can do that, we must do this other thing and--. Well, you know.

But by keeping a list of all God helps us to accomplish we're reminded that He'll help us accomplish more. Also, the tiny things on the list encourage us that they, too, count for something--like bricks, each one necessary, to the final project (imagine a building with lots of missing bricks here and there. Not good.). And at the right time, in the right season, everything will get done. The dream will come to pass, probably a bit tweaked, but it will happen.

What remains is to enjoy the journey, the doing, and to learn all the lessons God wishes to teach along the way.


Oh, and yesterday Tom and I saw Last Chance Harvey. Loved it. Watched the last half with tears in my eyes and my throat--my personal sign of a good romance movie. :) No sex or violence, but the language was a little dicey in the first half hour. Nice slow, sweet movie for the time when you're in a mood for one.


"He makes all things beautiful in His time." ... Ecclesiastes 3:11


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review on Last Chance Harvey. Even my husband thought it sounded good. We both like Dustin Hoffman. Going to my queue....

Saija said...

it is trying to snow here! and it's gloomy weather ... so it was nice to see the sunshine on your blog ... to encourage me that it will appear one day ... soon? i hope so!

i keep a haphazard journal ... i was reading it the other day - and you are right, it is encouraging to see what we have come through in the past year ... and more importantly, how the Lord uses those experiences to make us grow ...

blessings on ya!

daisymarie said...

What an interesting assignment. It has been a painfully hard year. Sometimes it feels like the best I have done is survive. But I continue to trust and lean hard. And maybe being close to Father is where I am to be.

Pearl said...

Good Gosh you have to mow all of that lawn? Hope you have a riding lawn mower. It's beautiful though, and you have done a lot. Windows, insulation, barn, that in it's self is quite a feat for only 1 year! I see the changes on the outside and its beautiful. So glad your realizing your dream at last. The best to you and Tom!

Donetta said...

What a lovely plot of earth.
In it's time.