Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering, But Not Staying

Last week while driving through the countryside with Lennon to his vet. appointment, our local classical music station played, of all things, How Much Is That Doggie In The Window. Immediately I was flown back to the house where I lived at 10-years-old and I could see my dad and his friends in our living room with their guitars singing that song. And I became a bit misty-eyed.

It's wild how songs and scents can whisk us backward like that. But you know? I take only quick, short trips to my past, partly because I can go all sentimental in three seconds and the good times back there can have me wishing for those same good times to be here, now. But mostly that's impossible. Thousands of miles and whole decades separate me from them and so many of the people from those times are here no more. And I am all grown-up, the Times have changed and I've watched too many folks live their present days in a sad type of melancholy when they could not accept that the past is, well, gone.

I love my Now better, but oh, it is so very different from my Then. As a child, and later a young woman, my days of happiness were scattered, here, there, and they were amazing, those times of song fests in our home and parties at church and family reunions and youth retreats and school musicals. And later, camping trips with Tom and a sweet Naomi and all those mothering joys with a small child and being young and silly with love for a new husband. Memories galore!

Oh, so many incredible times, but as I said, I remember them being scattered. In good times I was Up (so Up!), but in bad times I was Down (so very, very Down). But in my Now, there are whole long strings of daily happiness, long, long strings, where days of contentment melt into other days of contentment, blending to create years and years of joy.

And though my current life bears little resemblance to my younger one, I prefer this one. Though it's so very different, it's so very good, due mostly to Jesus' being emotionally steady, Himself, the greatest help of all to keeping me that way.

So on this Memorial Day, I'll take quick peeks backward where I will see those people and those old days of mine which are now gone, but I'll not pause too long at any one place. Memories can be tricky, way too selective, stellar, even, outshining and making disappear the bad moments which invariably co-existed. But again, I'll take my Now. My steadier, more stable Now with its gleaming pearls of wisdom and it's hour-by-hour surprises of contentment.


Speaking of memories and songs, have you heard Susan Boyle's latest song from Britain's Got Talent? She began a little shaky, but when she nailed it, oh my, she nailed it. I've still got the tears in my eyes to prove it. I so want a Susan Boyle cd now, now, NOW!


"With godliness and contentment there is great gain."


Rita said...

You said it all! What a joy to find steady contentment in a world of turmoil and hard times for many. Many things I still look forward to, I have not stopped smiling at the future.

Susan Boyle I absolutely loved her. What strength in her voice and kindness in her heart. I wonder if she realizes the general public is still going WOW! Did you hear her?

debi said...

You always say things so perfectly, Debra! Thanks for putting into words what I feel.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Great post. Lovely photos.

I love the foundation on your house.
It looks so vintage, and so solid.

I have that identical wicker chair, and use it in exactly the same way.
It is past it's prime, and was headed for the trash, when I decided it would be a charming holder for a pot of flowers.

Your yard looks great.

Joseph Pulikotil said...



Your header photo is gorgeous, amazing, spell binding. The house looks like a lovely holiday resort with calm peaceful surroundings and all greenery around.It takes my breath away.

When we are children we have a divine spark in us and everything we see, touch, smell, or eat gives us a tremendous pleasure and an immeasurable joy. As we grow older this divine spark slowly fades away and many simple things which gave us immense happiness is no more enchanting to us.

Susan Boyle is always great.

Your quote is wonderful and inspiring.

Wish you a bright and beautiful day:)