Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hurds' Orchards

Got back from Hurds' Orchards -- country living inspiration, indeed. Now I want to make our barn loft into a sort of Hurds' Jr. :) (To feel like you are there, click to enlarge.)

Cool flower ceiling!


Tracy said...

How lovely, Debra! I'd love to visit/shop in a place like that.

Pearl said...

Oh what a great place! So beautiful and the ceiling is nice. Start growing those dried flowers Debra, it would be fun to do.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

So much charm, Debra! This looks like a lovely place. But I am trying to not want any more baskets and this wonderful ceiling is too tempting!

Anonymous said...

I remember our nice visit there in Oct. several years ago Debra. It was closing so the tour was short. I do remember the lovely dried flower ceilings and the pot of Jam I bought with the pretty paper top.

They still send their newsletter to me. It looks beautiful in it's full glory in your photos. My kind of place too.