Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life! Our computer anti-virus protection expired and Tom was too busy to renew it until today, so we had to leave the computer turned off from the router. Felt like I was computer-less for a week rather than just two days and it didn't help that, earlier, I'd procrastinated answering a couple important emails. Note to self: for the millionth time, stop procrastinating!

So y'all missed it when I went ballistic after Tom had an eighth tractor delivered and stuffed into our barn.

That was the ol' straw which broke Debra's back.

I was livid, not to mention a little afraid. Eight tractors! Six which don't even work. An obsession gone wrong. So I gave Tom three ultimatums of what will happen if he brings home one more tractor and so far God has not convicted me at all about making those ultimatums. I think even God is a little afraid for Tom--being out of balance too often leads to falling into ditches.

So far, so good. I'm thinking Tom, deep down inside, wanted someone to pull a plug--to put a limit on the number of tractors he crams into our barn. In fact, one tractor is stored outside, behind our barn, which has us both a little fearful that someday our farm will more closely resemble a junk yard. Heaven forbid. We drive past those scandalous, junky farms occasionally around here and shudder. (If we were Catholic, we'd most likely make the sign of the cross. As it is, I always say a little 'help us not do that' prayer at those times.)

So call this post a reminder that sometimes confrontation is necessary. It's not fun, it is sticky and unpleasant, but if not done at the right time, worse things can happen in the future. Things not even imagined.


On the lighter side, today after going to so many yard sales I didn't care if I ever saw another one, we picked up some lunch then took it to our favorite park along the shores of Lake Ontario. We always carry a blanket in the car, so we were prepared and oh the peace! We came away from the mesmerizing waters and perfect temps like Raggedy Andy and Ann--practically muscle-free and all droopy. Always our time there feels better than a full-body massage.


Oh, and lest anyone attempt to defend Tom's having eight tractors, well, I wouldn't go there if I were you. :)


... Paige said...

So ya gonna take a picture of these tractors to show us. Then I may be able to make a better decision about their worthiness or not. Maybe Tom got one of them for you? Of course he needs extras for parts and such.

You did a good thing, I too shudder at those types of farms, yards and sides of the road.

Happy weekend

Pearl said...

Did Tom have to give up a tractor when he was a little boy? And it tramatized him? Maybe a neighbor boy stole his toy sized one and he has pent up rag inside so he is going to be King of the Tractors now? Hmmm..that will be $50.00 dollars please.
Ha ha ha, just kidding!!!!!
There's got to be a Tractor therapist somewhere. Just kidding Tom but enough is enough :)

Judy said...

Storing up in barns, are we now?

Of course, for me the temptation is not tractors, but I DO understand that sick compulsion to buy more...

Perhaps a tractor museum is in his future?

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

No I'd not defend Tom's right to keep collecting tractors! I'd not defend anyone's right to keep collecting anything, in today's economy, for one thing. {Yup, I'm a grump!}

But what I really wonder is, what's behind this compulsion to collect tractors?

See, I'm a *great-one* for paying more attention to the "why," than to the "what."

Wondering if he's ever "collected" things, before? If so, this would be a continuation of something 'older.' If not, that's even more interesting. What triggered this tractor collecting?

I think you've said that you both have had this farm dream. So it could stem from this, in a way. Does he sort of feel like the city lawyer person in 'Green Acres'? Wanting to lose himself in 'country life' and all? But... still wearing his city suit?<--All that is just metaphor, of course.

Could he really just want to stop and chat with guys, who have tractors for sale? Feel part of the farm life thing, maybe? But! These guys want to sell the ol' tractor and they always manage to convince Tom, that he 'should' buy it?

If underneath, Tom wants 'farm type' male companionship, could he find a local organization, to join? Ge his man-farm-talk fix, at those meetings?

OK, Aunt Amelia will close her "Psych Business" now. -giggles- And really Debra, you don't have to publish this ramble, if you don't want to. :-)

Have a safe rest of Memorial Day Weekend,
Aunt Amelia

Nana said...

Tom's obsession with tractors sounds a lot like my husband's obsession with electronics (mainly TV's).
I feel your pain! ;-)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Re: Your comment back, in my blog. And btw, that's how I do it too! I go to the person's blog and respond to things, which were commented in mine.

Anyway... Tractor parts are heavy and Tom shouldn't be lifting anything, what with his back problems and... Could this be it? He's a guy and a guy is *supposed* to be able to do all that heavy guy-stuff. He can't, due to medical issues. But, he still wants to... Like the other guys, sort of.

So, he talks tractors with guys and he buys tractors and thus, is 'in the club' sort of. Maybe... A kind of a compensation thing, maybe?

Is this farm life, a good thing for him, in the long run? When he can't much contribute to it, because of his medical issues? When _you_ have to dooooooooooooooo so much of all the stuff that's needed to be done, in farm living?

Yes, you _love_ doing it. But does he love, you _having_ to do it? Could _you_ have the fun of a bigger back yard, to do outside stuff in...? Which you love doing! Without having bought a farm sized home/area?

Oh poor Tom! His ears must be burning or whatever that old saying is... when people are "talking" about you! -giggles-

Aunt Amelia

Echoes From the Hill said...

Maybe he thinks he got them at a great price, and can turn a profit.
If you think your husband is bad, regarding "collecting" you should see my barn, and my attic, and my garage, and my basement. Need I go on? My husband is a major pack rat.

Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh...were my mom still alive she would ask: "ONLY the eightth?" Well, if cars were tractors, then you don't want to know how many cars are on my dad's 14 acres of land (most pretty well hidden from view, as the land is hilly) brother says when Dad is gone, he will get some big rigs in there and cart them off!!