Monday, May 18, 2009

So all afternoon yesterday I played the decorating game called Kim of Daisy Cottage. Fun! I didn't paint a thing (wasn't in the mood) and just used what I had around the house. And studied hundreds of photos on Kim's blog.

But I'm returning to my old digital camera, the one which chews batteries for lunch, because this zippy one with the Flash That Would Be King is making me nuts. Really, the in-person view is a better one. You'll just have to trust me.

I encourage everyone to rearrange what you already own in a new way. The new look might amaze you. (This also happens when we learn to see everyone and everything in a new light.)

Oh, and thanks, Kim, for your amazing ideas and awesome blog!


Alas, Tom returned home from work and didn't notice a single change. When I confronted him about that he said, "The house always looks nice when I get home so it looks great all the time."

Nice save. :)


Robin in New Jersey said...

Hey Debra,

Hope your feeling better today. Thanks for the link to Daisy Cottage. I love the bright colors against the white background.

Tracy said...

Hee! That's men for you. :)

Your home does indeed look lovely, Debra!

emma said...

True story: my mom once decided not to pluck her eyebrows until my Dad made a comment about them.

Four months later and VERY bushy eyebrows, i finally begged my Dad to say something. Apparently he had noticed but just thought she was going for a 'new' look.


Judy said...

You have a very nice husband.

Mine always wants to know 'why' I did something.


Must there be a reason?

But, he puts up with it and offers an occasional suggestion.