Sunday, March 22, 2009

Victory Gardens in 2009? Yes!

Wow. The delights keep flowing-in regarding our economic yucky, hard times.


I mean, first (after they stopped just whining) many folks cut back on junk food, they started using coupons, then they began searching online for ways to save energy and money at home (and began living frugally and way more sensibly). Techniques for saving money became a hot topic on news programs of all sorts.

And now? Now we're returning to the days of Victory Gardens! Except they're not called that today--they're called Recession Gardens, instead. Wow. Just do a Google search for Recession Gardens and it will knock your socks off. Here's a search to get you started.

And on news reports I've seen that seed catalog businesses are running out of seeds--they've never, ever seen such a demand for them. People are beginning gardens for the first time in their lives, thousands of them are learning the joys and miracles of gardening.

Whole neighborhoods and communities are gardening together in vacant lots, backyards, front yards, (even filling-in swimming pools), meeting each other for the first time and working together to grow food for their families.

I. Love. It.

And here you thought all the news out there was bad... shame on you. :) And frankly I am encouraged up to my eyeballs to see so many rallying and not allowing these hard times to blow them away. Even more? I'm thrilled to watch those who are learning how to make do, make over, create and learn new ways of thrift for the very first time in their lives--and enjoying it, even promising to keep their new ways if times should improve. How awesome is that?


Personally? I prefer to still call them Victory Gardens because they're a clear sign of victory over that awful moaning, whiney, give-up spirit.


Elizabeth said...

I love it also Debra ! Maybe this is just what we are suppose to be doing,maybe the reason for it all?

Anonymous said...

And...the great news yesterday about the First Lady starting an organic garden at the White House and introducing children to the joy of growing your own vegetable. Now this put a big smile on my face.


Saija said...

i found that victory garden story interesting too ... wa-hoo for the olden days!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Sure enough! Back to veggie gardening for us. No longer _just_ flowers and a couple of tomato plants.

Sure, the flowers will continue. The Perennial Garden is quite established and requires less work now. And I'll have a {few} pots on the back patio. With easy care Impatient. Pretty, but no dead-heading like Petunias need. ,-)

And yes, I lived through Victory Gardens... and will still call this *new* gardening, Victory Gardening. :-)

Donetta said...

Oh this is a victory garden of mine for sure. Nothing repressed about it :)
Like your longing for the country I have for the forest. So I am just planting a little forest life right here where I am.
It is so good to at last be content right where I am.
We think a lot a like.