Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have you visited the Woman's Day Magazine website? There's great stuff there, for instance, under 'Recipes' there's a pull-down menu with a link to their Month of Recipes calendar. A calendar like that can boost your creativity in the kitchen and keep meal time planning from becoming too exhausting for your head. :) There's also a recipe finder where you plug-in the main ingredients you have on hand so to find recipes for them.

(I've not seen an issue of Woman's Day for a couple years... Do they still always have a Bible verse on the contents page? Loved that.)

I saw a fun story this morning on Good Morning America about a woman who, for one month, lived on just $1.00 a day for meals. She blogged about her journey, too (the link is in the article at GMA).

I like people who attack a challenge with a positive spirit in order to show that something can be done, rather than aiming to prove it's impossible.

What a plethora of money-saving advice there is out there! Of course, it's always been available for anyone willing to search for ways to save money, but now it's way more obvious-- help is plastered daily all over tv and the Internet. And now no one has an excuse to cluelessly spend more money than they need to.

I heard last week that just as most people who lived through the Great Depression and WWII kept their frugal ways ever after, people nowadays in our challenging economic times may just hold onto the ways of good stewardship they're now learning.

We can only hope.


And yes (before anyone asks) I did watch Oprah's 'Chefs Move In' episode yesterday and, yes, I found it so sad that the moms had no idea how to cook for their families. But I refuse to get all mean and critical about it the way some women did on the message boards. Good grief. Is it necessary for us women to turn on each other like that? I think not.


emma said...

Bring on the Victory Gardens!!!

Nancy said...

My grandmother used to follow the Woman's Day monthly recipe guide in the fifties! She had a pretty modest food budget, and found the recipes helpful.

Pearl said...

I'm sure you already know about this site, but thought I'd share it in case you haven't seen it.
Has some great recipes and gardening tips.

oma aka meme said...

I missed the show and yes- women should not be beating each other up- sigh- after all there is a lot that I do not know about things- I can cook frugal but it was something I learned by the hard way of having too plus my mama who did know the great depression- thanks for the link- will pop over there now- hugs from Meme