Saturday, March 07, 2009

All Those Babies Swooshing Down the Drain

I realize we all have our own personal convictions. You know, decisions we've made about what we will or will not read or watch or do or believe. I certainly have my share. Mrs. Convictions, that's me.

But you know? The past few years I've seen that some of my so-called convictions were actually fears with Godly Conviction Labels slapped on them.

I avoided watching certain tv shows because I didn't agree with the person (or persons) hosting or producing the show. I avoided certain books because the authors came from different places than where I had. Maybe they believed differently than I do about certain biblical principles so I feared perhaps their words would scar me or cause me to change my mind about my own values and beliefs. Rather like a spreading of proverbial cooties.

And to this day, I still avoid certain books and tv shows and even ministers, ok? Like, I said, I've still got some convictions which I believe came from God.

But, there's a difference now. See, I realized years ago that I wasn't growing much anymore. I was hearing the same old things which I had always heard. I was listening to the same old people, groups and denominations I'd always listened to. The same ol' same ol' over and over and over.... And it was like I was running around and around inside a narrow box, rather than running free.

But now? Now I can learn from nearly everyone and every situation. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has some wisdom to share. And even if a person's wisdom seems lacking, I can learn from the mistakes they are making and avoid those mistakes, myself. So still, they are teaching me new things.

If I don't agree with a person on a few points, that certainly doesn't mean he has nothing to teach me. Besides, by listening to him, I just may discover that I'm the one who's been wrong in a certain area all along. That has happened to me and it will happen again.

But how sad that I could have learned so much from someone had I not been avoiding them for years because we disagreed on a point where I was proven wrong anyway. Or even if I still feel I'm right, it's still sad when I can't listen and learn from people who have so much to teach and share which lines up with the Bible and which would make me more like the person God had in mind for me to become.

And if a person doesn't like me--and I avoid her so not to risk pain and negativity-- I can ask God to show me the point at which I just may be turning some people off. Some people are determined not to like me, but most are not.

And besides, God places non-kindred-spirits in our lives to teach us more about compassion--and how much unconditional love we lack. If we despise people we disagree with, we still have such a long, long way to go.

Godly lessons from unlikely teachers are everywhere! And I'm still learning not to fear the lessons, nor the teachers. Life is too short and too precious to go pouring all those babies down the drain with the bathwater.


"Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater." ...copied


Sharon said...

Hello Debra! Thank you so much for you comment about our "Skyer Dog" and her doggie daycare experience. It has been a whole new world for her! I love YOUR blogs and what you have to say (and the beautiful photos are wonderful!) What a blessing to have been lead to them - as you say, there are Godly lessons from unlikely teachers everywhere! - including new bloggy friends we've just met! Hugs to you, Sharon from Comefortea

... Paige said...

You are one of the most insightful perons I read. Always a positive spin on life and that my friend is what we all should strive to see.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Me too. I'm still learning to 'open my ears' and listen.

Yes, I know. Debra is aghast that moi is still branching out. -giggles- Betcha' you thought I was about the "most-branched-out" of people!!! ,-) But I'm still progressing down the path. But I wasn't always thus.

Oh no, I used to be a timid little mouse, afraid to even think about certain things, and afraid to entertain questions in my private mind, and the like. Tied up in knots, was I. Even in my own mind. -shakes head- And it's amazing to me, looking back on all those years. -sigh-

But, it's my conviction that we change, when we are ready to change. In all things. Not many people get up one morning and say; "Today I will become a totally different person!" Yikes no! We'd scare ourselves, and certainly scare, all around us. ,-)

But day by day, year by year, we open our eyes here, and open our eyes there. Maybe learning something here, and maybe _not_ learning something there. But most importantly {to me}, we open our minds, to the use of our minds. And to thus, maybe learning things.

Our mind! This glorious instrument or whatever you want to call it. Given to us by whomever you deem the Giver. And we {I, at least} finally figured out, that I was given this glorious thing called a mind, to use it! Duhhhh me, hu? So many years it took me, to grasp that simple fact.

The year was 2000, actually. That's when I "woke up." It hasn't been smooth sailing ever since, of course. But it's been so much more interesting and rewarding, than most of the years from 1937, to 2000. :-)

Keep up the good work Debra! Keep pushing us to try to "open up out of our bud," and "to flower."

Aunt Amelia,
"If not now, when?" ~Rabbi Hillel

Donetta said...

Some bathwater is even recyclable :)
Once it's filtered

Saija said...

that is soooo true ...
and you said it very well ...
let's just allow God to be the judge of all things - we'll be His children, walking in love - what a world that would be!! and one day WILL BE!

blessings on your sunday!

Rodney Olsen said...

A excellent post.

It's a reminder that we should be open to whatever God wants to show us and through whoever he wants to use in our lives.

We need to hear what others are saying and seek God's point of view on what they're saying.

Sometimes we can keep listening and weeding out the bad stuff. Other times God will tell us not to listen to that person any longer.

The other interesting point this raises is that we should always test what is said even when it comes from someone we trust. No one has it right all the time.

Pearl said...

Debra you have such a way with words! Such insight into the world, and how we think. Keep up the good work your spreading around blogland. I love ya women, thanks for visiting me and all the kind encouraging words. It always lifts my spirits! Have a great weekend, Pearl

Anonymous said...

Pretty smart, Deborah. I am really appalled at the number of people I talk with each day who do not have your attitude and are perfectly content in their own little world. I think there is always so much to learn, even if all you learn is that you were "right" all along, or if you are reconvinced of your original opinions and beliefs.

Laurie S.