Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here's a Peek...

... at what I've been doing today. I've been painting, though the color appears darker here than in real life (once again I'm having lighting issues). But anyway, I love this new spicy mustard thing I've got going, although it took me forever to get the color right. In the past I've had a sort of mysterious gift for mixing my own paint--today there was no mysterious anything. No, just tons of trial and error, dumping one can of paint into another, and painting a bunch of test patches on the wall.

For now, I'm leaving the blue sponge-painted and stenciled part above the window. We'll see if it remains. Didn't want to so quickly paint over my hard work from months ago.

But anyway, this color is so much warmer than my previous light-blue and so next winter our dining room will not resemble a room right out of the Snow Queen's castle. :)


Tracy said...

I think it looks nice! Anything to bring a little warmth & sunshine in the winter is a plus. :)

Nancy said...

I think it looks great, and much warmer than the blue. The wood and the lamp look wonderful against the gold,and I'm not particularly a fan of the color gold.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh I love that color! But I'd be so afraid of not remembering what I added to what and needing more paint! It's like a recipe that you're trying to reproduce and it never comes out the same :-)

Judy said...

Oh, Debra!


To me, that spicy mustard color looks SOOO wonderful with old wood. I cannot get enough of it.

There is also a lot of vintage material 'out there' with that color as the background. What I like about that is to goes so well with fallish colors AND can easily be perked up with multi-colored floral fabrics of the spring-time variety!

Ahhh. Everybody wins!

Elizabeth said...

I love that color Debra !
It is very warm looking.
I also love your telephone.

Anonymous said...

It looks very pretty, very warm! I hope you are happy with it!

Laurie S.

Pearl said...

I really like the warm glow Debra. This is a color I would have in my own home. I'm into that earthy, homey, warm feeling. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Debra, I love the color you've chosen! I think it looks fabulous :)