Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We are back from an amazing weekend of camping out at our new old house. From Saturday noon till Tuesday noon we tasted our new life and found it good. Ok, not perfect--hey! There are always glitches and annoying flaws which one only discovers after one actually lives inside a house. You know, things even weathered old inspectors miss (and the sellers certainly ain't gonna mention, such as the smallest bathtub on the Planet). But we'll fix all that stuff over the years (and we'll learn to deal with the mosquitoes, ones which our neighbors--who we met--said were worse this year than they'd seen before. Alas!)

I played in the huge (weed-infested) garden, twice, in the rain. Dug around in two long rows with a shovel and rake we found at estate sales and a plastic serving spoon because I had no spade with me. I poked around in the compost pile after Tom and I moved the huge frame over so I could begin again. I started raking out the chicken coop and mowed miles of lawn (it seemed) while my body thanked me for the exercise, reminding me how it feels to move fast, fluidly, and knowing that dry throat feeling which often I knew and felt in my 20's, but much less in my 40's, lazy old thing which I've been, but shall be no longer...

...and I breathed-in gallons of good, clean countryside air, feeling like I'd held my breath for 15 years in these gas-fumed, cigarette-wafting suburbs.

Inside the house I washed shelves, snipped and laid wallpaper over them and put away some groceries, pans and dishes. And washed windows (dreadful ancient ones we'll replace). Naomi and Carl came over Sunday afternoon for the grand tour, both inside and out on the land, and we sat on wicker furniture in our bay-windowed dining room and had such a pleasant visit in this new old place.

And our pine floors! They were dreadful--some parts stained, other parts painted brown and some parts bare boards. But now... the floor guys came out on Monday and Tuesday and sanded them and made them look as they must have appeared--new, blonde--back when the house was built. And you won't believe this, but one of the floor guys looked like Tom Cruise. No, really. And Tom and I giggled about that.

But here's what I wanted to tell you. It sounds like we accomplished a lot, and yet there were whole hours I just sat and stared out at the land in deep silence. God kept hushing me, drawing me away from the work to just stare at all that green, green pasture land and trees of all sorts. He reminded me that what matters most is that I seek Him first--for when I do--everything else will get done. In due time. And in the right order, with a million less mistakes (always I make mistakes when I run ahead of Him).

So I stared in quietness and just healed from a hundred tiny--mostly unnamed and unknown--hurts and scratches and slights. You know, what you are wounded by from just being alive. And I found that quiet place again, the one inside. The one which drew me to the countryside, the one which draws me to Him.

I so appreciate your congratulatory comments!

P.S. Can anyone recommend a 'natural' mosquito repellent? I'm always nervous using the stuff like OFF, etc. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!


Myrna said...

Oh Debra! I am so SO happy for you!
My eyes welled up in tears as I read your post. God's got great plans for you there in your new (old) abode. And how wonderful that He truly does give us the 'desires of our heart!!"

As for a handy tip--Skin So Soft by Avon has proven effective. Also, I heard Listerine mouth wash--or generic form of it...pour it into a spray bottle and spray around the general vicinity--good for when you're eating outdoors...

Blessings to you, dear Debra!

daisymarie said...

I've used Skin So Soft and found it effective.

Beginning in silence, in His presence. What a wonderful place to be. And healing....ahhhhhh, I can smell the freshness of restoration all the way down here.

... Paige said...

Down here in Texas, many years ago, they used bear grease. But I'm sure you don't have any on hand. Other then what the ladies above said I know of nothing. You could plant some of those "skeeter" repelling plants I have heard about.
I'm so glad you are there. I can feel the peace washing across your soul.
thank you

Saija said...

sounds like this is what you have been gearing yourself towards, for years now ... you will be living a dream that maybe you didn't even know to dream ... :o)

blessings on you!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you -- I almost feel like I am living my own "country dream" vicariously through you! I love how you always keep things in perspective to God's will, and ways, and timing. Enjoy every moment! And share some pictures when you can :)

Judy said...

I would also suggest Skin So Soft.

But, the most effective repelant would be to have me come over. They would leave you alone, and feast on me. At least, that is how it works for my husband.

I am SOOOO happy for you!!!

Nan said...

Wonderful! Best bug repellent I know is to stay inside. :<) Do the mosquitoes have a season? a time of day when they are worse? Maybe you could work around their hours. I can't wait for more pics. Did you happen to take before photos of the floor?

Anonymous said...

Put some smelly fabric softener dryer sheets in your pockets. Works pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Debra!

We just planted some yarrow near our house and then I read somewhere that it is a natural repellant. I don't know.

For us we have noticed that they seem to like dark colored clothing.
They are worse in the evening when the sun is setting. They love tall weeds and standing water.

Also they don't seem to like garlic either. My daddy takes garlic pills and they run away from him. LOL

And as others said, Avon's Skin-So-Soft, lots of folks around here swear by that stuff.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Debra, I just wanted to suggest a purple martin house or a bat house. At the Point the bats take care of all the mosquitos........Wasn't there an avon bath oil that repelled them? I wonder if they still make that. It worked and wasn't so full of bad chemicals......Are there flowers at your new house? Peonies? Iris? Roses?

Spokes... said...

I use Packers Pine Tar soap and it seems to be effective; plus pine tar soap replaces all other soap and shampoo...it's all you need for keeping clean.