Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm back in the land of the living!

The cable guy just drove away and I feel like--now--I've moved all of you, my blogging friends, out here to our old farmhouse with me. It's not lonely out here, but rather, just incomplete without each of your faces and smiles.

And oh my goodness. From Day One we've felt like two kids who have come home.

Everything feels like play. I drag large pine branches (which Tom cut down) out to the woods beside our meadow and it feels like an adventure. I bring back sticks from out there to use as kindling, branches which have fallen from the young meadow trees, and I feel nine years old. (Out in the meadow I have gazed up into the sky and whispered "thank-you" one-hundred times.) I dig in my garden and it's like playing in the dirt. I set-up my work bench in the barn and feel giddy.

Playing. A working vacation. Life in the country. Always something to do--always a pleasant task to choose. And I hope we will always see the work to be done as a joy, for that will color our life here.

There are un-fun things, of course. Our windows are not fun. We knew they were bad, but not as dreadfully bad. They fall down and must be propped up with sticks and it's all I can do to lift the large ones.Oh well, already Tom has gotten two estimates for replacing them and three more estimates will be in by Monday.

Tom and I keep reminding each other "inch by inch, anything's a cinch." We both find ourselves cranky whenever we try to make this place completely ours in, like, two weeks.

But that is something which takes a long, long time and what matters most is that we enjoy the adventure.

Thanks for your many comments to my last post! I loved opening my computer after so long and finding you waiting for me.

Oh! Remember the dairy which delivers milk in glass bottles? Well, on Monday they pulled into our neighbors' driveway and you should have seen me sprint across the street to speak to the driver in the old-fashioned red and white truck. He gave me a price list (very reasonable) and he'll deliver to us next Monday!


smilnsigh said...

Yeaaaa for the visit of the cable guy!!! :-)

And you certainly sound as if you are in the place, you should be in. :-)

I hope your skies are clear, so that you can go out and look at the moon tonight. Your first Full Moon in your farm house. :-)

Happy Full June Strawberry Moon to you, tonight!

Smilnsigh blog

Anonymous said...

Wow...milk delivered to your door, happy days are here again!

I remember when I was a kid and we had milk and cottage cheese delivered. I sure would love some of that cottage cheese right now.

Is that the view to your house in the photo you posted?

Jammie J. said...

Oh, look! It's you! :) Yay for Internet!

Inch by inch, yeah, I needed that reminder tonight. Thanks... (hugs)

Saija said...

YAY! the move is done! and we're all there too ... smiling along with you ... and praising our Heavenly Father who keeps life so very interesting!

may you both be blessed ...

big ((Hugs))

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Wow! This sounds so like a little paradise for the two of you. I'm so happy that you were led to find it, the place in all the world for you and Tom!

Hazel said...

The adventures never end with life in the country. I heard coyotes howling last night. What a serenade!