Friday, June 20, 2008

So yesterday after unpacking more boxes (will it never end?) I had an amazed thought. I'd not been away from the house since Monday and here it was Thursday. Not ages, just a long time for me. So I ran upstairs to get out of my 'play clothes' (as I call them here) and, because Tom was sleeping after having worked night shift, I had access to our car. I'd never even driven around town by myself since finding this house in March and I'd never visited Rite Aid, a Big Time place for our tiny community. In fact, here is a rather comprehensive list of our town's businesses, most of which are on Main Street:

Rite Aid
An old convenience store-type place with gas pumps, a tiny video rental 'closet' and hamburger stand with a few tiny tables.
True Value
Three restaurants, one summertime frosty shack
One bar
A pizza take-out , a deli
Three hair salons
An antique shop
A teeny clothes shop
One bank
A funeral home
The post office
The library
An elementary/middle school combo

... and well, that's about it.

But I love it. Of course, an honest-to-goodness supermarket would make it perfect, but how often do we get perfection? We're around nine miles from the nearest real supermarket, five or so miles from a small-time grocery.

Anyway, so I was going to turn into the Rite Aid parking lot, but a truck blocked most of the driveway, so I decided to just cruise down Main Street a bit farther. And that's when I remembered the library! We'd lived here a whole week and not once had the library entered my brain.

There's something wrong with that.

Right away as I pulled into the library's parking lot I realized I'd been unbalanced again. Too much concentration on unpacking boxes. Too much planning of my garden. Too much trying to decorate this house to completion in, like, seven days.

Of course, moving and going from city life to country life is a big deal. And moving is way, way up there on everybody's Top Stresses List. But still... forget the adventure of a new-to-me library? Moi? There was a lesson in that and I think I learned it. Slow down... in its correct time, all will get done...enjoy it all... and remember variety!

I loved talking with the librarian (who reminded me of Tom's mom)..... had an amazing hour wandering through the few shelves (compared to my last library), getting acquainted with the books, finding old friends like Elizabeth Enright, Eleanor Estes... and new friends as well, three of which I carried home.

Then I drove back down to Rite Aid, browsed their shelves (and gasped a lot--ah, tiny town prices. I remember them well from having lived in teensy Chester, CA for 11 years).

Then, after over-shooting our street and having to turn around (it's an easy street to miss, trust me), I ate my little tub of strawberry yogurt and began a library book, rather than returning to the boxes (which will someday be unpacked). I breathed slower, deeper, and stared out our huge dining room bay window (the dining room is my favorite... I'll try to get pictures to you soon, I promise). There's an ancient, sprawling crab apple tree which fills the three windows and yellow finches visit our thistle feeder all day long--they hang upside down to eat and Tom and I smile at them.

Country life is amazing. I recommend it.


Saija said...

isn't it FUN to browse through a small town's shops and other amenities!

yesterday my cousin and i were shoppping in the our town's clothing store - and she was amazed at all the things she found here, compared to the big city department store she usual frequents ...

i love the pace of small town living ...

blessings on ya!

p.s. i'm still not totally unpacked - the storage room and garage are not quite done yet - but it's only been 18 months - *laughing*

... Paige said...

I'm glad things are going well for y'all. Unpacking will come in time. Peace and happy to y'all

daisymarie said...

Sounds positively glorious!!!

Judy said...

Oh, how fun!