Monday, June 30, 2008

This place, this farm life, is taking me over.
A couple friends have driven out (to this faraway place) to view the land we've inhabited. I watch them on our yard tours and am shocked at the changes I see. Changes in them? No, those within myself.

Our friends arrive pristine from the city, yet in my farm clothes and muddy barn shoes I point to the bees in the center of the compost pile and my friends hop backward, with a squeal, even. I work around bees daily-we are acquainted. And until we moved here, almost no one would have seen me in "play clothes," especially ones in farm dirt. But I cannot stay clean here--I don't even try... and I step into the barnyard hay without thinking, but not so my friends. They hover at the barn's doorway.

It rains and they dash to their car for an umbrella. Me? Rain or clear--I work in both and lately my head is always wet, from rain or sweat. I just wait with a sigh for them to push the umbrella up before we continue.

I take my friends to the back meadow and they become like whirling dervishes while they swat at mosquitoes (this following a dousing of DEET, even), missing half of my meadow narration, you know, my, "See what God hath wrought..." Mosquitoes are just a fact of my new life... and I come away a little sad that my friends are distracted from the amazing beauty of all this.

My garden is one big exciting project--to me. The fire pit I'm digging is anticipatory delight. Our orchards are ever on my mind--how I worked in them today... and the projected tasks I'll do tomorrow.

But my friends see this as a lot of work, work not done by them, so not as appreciated. But delve into the work yourself and it's a delight and satisfying and the kind of labor with rewards like a good night's sleep, a little weight loss and smiles from the deep for a job completed.

I'm shocking my friends, I realize this. They know only City Debra, not the country gal stuffed down deep, hidden, all these years. When change comes suddenly, it usually brings confusion... and only time and observation will restore understanding.
I'm becoming a farmgirl--and I saw it today with the last yard tour. Or more likely? The farmgirl in me finally has a place to work out the dreams from her soul. A playground for all the games she could only stand and watch wistfully for years.... games she can throw her whole body and heart into now.

The above photo shows our pocket doors inbetween the diningroom and livingroom. Kinda cool.


And this photo is of my make-it-yourself nightstand. There's no room beside my bed for a real one, so I created one on the wall. Works great. Farmgirls are terrific at making do. :)


Pearl said...

Your pocket doors are such a beautiful color. And I love your make-it-yourself nightstand, though I'm afraid I would get caught up in the hooks at night.

I love hearing your joy come through as you make the farm your own.

daisymarie said...

The pocket doors are beautiful!!!I'm so sorry you're friends missed the beauty.

debi said...

Love your idea for a nightstand....very cleaver!!

"The farmgirl in me finally has a place to work out the dreams from her soul. A playground for all the games she could only stand and watch wistfully for years.... games she can throw her whole body and heart into now."

...this made me teary-eyed....I am so happy for you, Debra!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love those pocked doors - beautiful. And your bedside "table" -- very clever!

Laurie S.

Mel said...

I totally want to be a farm girl. Maybe one day.

(I know. It's been forever since I've been by!)

Robin in New Jersey said...

Those doors are gorgeous. I can sense the peacefulness in your post.

nancyr said...

You sound so content! I think it is wonderful that you are able to create your own little haven in the world!
I love your pocket doors!
Isn't it fun to be able to improvise and make something pretty and useful where someone else would just not see the possibilities?
Can't wait to take the next "tour".

smilnsigh said...

Pocket Doors rock!!!! Wish we had some.

And your make-do-nightstand looks fine to me. And no dusting the floor, between legs. :-)

I love it that you are really having fun. Really into this. You always throw yourself into your projects. But this one is so rewarding to you, that it's even more super. You go, Girl!!!

July hugs,

jar said...

This post is such a comforting one and makes me smile. Thanks for sharing all of the photos. Your house looks lovely and the pockets doors look so beautiful and smooth. Just begging to be touched. I love the nightstand, the color of the diningroom, the kitchen and the butlers pantry. Everything looks cool and breezy.