Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So here is inside the house... Promise me you will view these mostly as 'before pictures,' ok? After all, we've only lived here less than two weeks. :) (As always, click to enlarge any of these.)

My favorite room--the dining room. I had to paint it right away--the bright(!) yellow was a bit too cheerful for The blue is softer in real life. The chandelier was brown and orange so I painted it white and added my costume jewelery white pearls.

LOVE the bay window and the huge crab apple tree with the birdfeeders. Tom keeps binoculars handy.

The kitchen. Note the infamous orange countertop. Outside the window is the gorgeous view I showed you in the post below. I'm painting the top half of the walls the same blue as the dining room and the lower tiles will be white.

The baker's pantry. Love this, even in its present condition.

These next photos are of the livingroom which I'll be living with till I decide what to do with it.

The built-ins are nice. The paneling is not nice. :)

Some people like the way I store my old books in our clock. I did this in our apartment when space was tight.

A favorite corner.


Michael said...

less than two weeks and I'd still be unpacking. You look all moved in to what looks like a lovely place.

Take Care

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Debra, it is charming, with a capital C. I LOVE it (and am ready to move in) what a sweet pantry, wood work, windows, ect. It is simple perfect xoxoxo Clarice

debi said...

Oh how charming....I want to be there to have a cup of tea with you....I am so happy for you and Tom....such a wonderful dream come true!!!

Anonymous said...

You've already added so much charm! I can't wait to see any and all "after" pictures! Thank you for sharing!!

Ann said...

Debra, thank so much for letting us see your new home. It is lovely. I happy for you both! I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the house! My new grandson will be here Friday! They are going to induce Sara if he's not here before then!

Saija said...

it looks soooooo lovely ... and sooooo YOU!!! congratulations!

so when are we having tea? :o)

Robin in New Jersey said...

Beautiful. It looks so calm and peaceful. Enjoy!

Antonella said...

so charming! as for the paneling, simply paint everything white or some other soothing colour that you like best

Charity Grace said...

LOVE IT!!! You know you can paint paneling, right?

Judy said...

Oh, wow!

It is SOOOOO "you" already!!

We've been here almost 11 months, and it's the kitchen we've yet to touch. I just cannot decided what to do. Everything else has been 'judy-fied'.

Truly, in my mind, I am on my way out for a visit. Get the fake coffee ready.

smilnsigh said...

I love the things you've done already. And one can see a bit of that in-your-face-yellow, over a door way there. Wow, yes. I can see how you had to paint that very quickly. -giggles-

And oh yes, a baker's pantry. Our son and his wife had one of these in their last house. And sighhhh, they wanted to expand the kitchen and use it differently. -sigh- Never did though. I hope the new owners kept it.

'Smilnsigh' blog

martha said...

Just charming!

In only 2 weeks? You should start an unpacking business.

Nan said...

I've never heard the term 'baker's pantry.' I know 'butler's pantry' (a city place) and 'butt'ry' (buttery - a country place) but I really love baker's. It connotes breads and cakes and cookies to me!