Thursday, June 26, 2008

It took over a week but I finally, tonight, finished pulling the weeds and grass from around the bases of our ten orchard trees...and fertilizing them, mulching them and giving them a gallon of water, each. The ten grapevines will come next.

And today I raked another long row for my garden and added compost ... and it was the first day in a few that I didn't mow some part of our fields.

I wearily ease myself into the bathtub each night into cool water because of the heat and humidity and I notice more new little bruises upon my legs and arms, more mosquito bites... and garden dirt falls from my neck (don't ask).

I haven't been able to watch the end of any tv show in weeks--always I fall asleep upon the couch.

And in the mornings I awaken feeling stiff...

... and joyfully anxious to begin another day just like the one before...

...and happy and grateful beyond words.


... Paige said...

How wonderful! Good sleep brought on by good work.
I love the photos below, the ceiling looks as though it has an interesting texture to it.
How is Tom doing?

violet said...

Good for you. And the house looks like you've owned it for years - has you written all over it.

David Warren Fisher said...

Debra, my friend:

Long comment. Sounds like your move has been a positive counter tops and all.

We moved this month as well. We had to downsize for financial reasons and our "new" home is much smaller. It's been very traumatic for Carol, me and the kids. We are "stuck". Boxes everywhere and nowhere to put things. We do have a very nice inground pool and a hot tub so we've been "drowning our sorrows" there.

Please pray that we will be able to adjust to our new surroundings in a Christ-honoring way.

Be encouraged today, Debra. Your blog is always a breath of fresh air.

In His love,


P. S. Can I still wave when we drive by? How will I know where you are?

e-mail me sometime and let me know where the "farm" is.


nancyr said...

With young trees, and hot weather, you might want to install a drip system, or get a hose to them, and let it run at the base of each tree, turned low, for about 15 minutes each. It is a lot of dragging hoses around, but the trees need the roots well watered. I did it once a week when my fruit trees were young, in the summer, when we didn't get any rain.

The house looks great, especially so quickly!

Patty H. said...

Your house and land is beautiful!
I love the "before" pictures.
Try some epsom salt in those baths. Will help those sore muscles.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Debra, I am amazed that you can do all you are doing and still blog. What manner of superwoman are you? Well, I hope your joy and your pleasure in your new home is the fuel for all this activity. And long may it continue, with times out to contemplate the wonder of it all............Peace and Joy!