Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ok. So I hope no one is panicking over all the talk about our being in a recession.

As for me, instead of panicking, I am brushing up on my saving money skills... and having fun! The pioneer woman inside me jumps out and takes over at rough times like these.

I like her. She looks at high prices and dire predictions as challenges, not as doom and gloom problems. She's tough. She's no cry baby. No, she's a warrior and she's determined to make tons of lemonade with any lemons she is given.

So in this post I'll be gathering websites with lots of helpful hints to encourage the pioneer inside you to leap to the forefront and make herself/himself known.

And what is the number one helpful hint as I see it? Never stop giving to others--and usually holding back is the first temptation in rough times. We will reap what we sow... so sow lots and lots and lots of good seeds and you'll keep reaping no matter what else is happening.

(Check back here later, too, because I'll be adding to this list throughout the day.)

Household Tips and Other Good Ideas

Saving Around The Home

32 Ways to Save When Grocery Shopping
"Give and it shall be given unto you..."
"Whatever a man sows, that also will he reap..."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great links!

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for the attitude adjustment pep-talk! Yes, you'd think no one had ever faced difficulties in this country before, to hear the doom and gloom. Yish... But then, so many alive today, haven't, in a way.

But when one is 'old as the hills' as I am, and remembers WWII.... well. Let's just say that it puts things in perspective. :-)

And thank you for the links too! Here is one you may want to add to the list... Look up local gas prices. It was passed to me, by my daughter in law.