Monday, April 07, 2008

So Tom is away on a short, rare business trip and I'm here at home with unaccustomed weekday use of our car and Tom's company's laptop computer, even.

It's always quite nice at first, this being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. You know, getting out of bed in the mornings only when I choose, no nagging alarm blaring. Coming and going as I wish, either in the car or walking until my stamina, not my schedule, calls me back . Choosing to eat homemade blueberry soy ice cream solely for lunch or having spaghetti delivered for dinner (or skipping it altogether... and ignoring the dishes in the sink). Reading library books all afternoon... and falling asleep at night in Tom's recliner with the t.v. remote (mine! all mine!) in my hot , tiny hand.

But that kind of living--for me, anyway--always becomes old, fast. Getting whatever we want--living for one's self--for most of us, eventually loses its flavor sooner than we fantasized back on those days when it seemed nothing was going the right way. Our way. There's a deceptiveness about always getting one's way... it never leads quite where you planned or imagined.

And I guess that's why I like to wait for God to give me things. His gifts never make me sick of stuff or sick to my stomach. His presents are sweet and always come on time (His time, which appears awfully slow, but never really is). I appreciate His gifts, presents and fun times more than anything I finagle myself because anything from Him is perfect and custom-made from my heart's desires .He knows those desires and how many of them I can handle at once--and which ones I won't even want in a couple weeks anyway--and those He probably blows away like tiny seeds on dandelion puffs.

Well, you know...

So I'll rest a little, then give a little to others. Relax a bit, then work a bit. I'll respect that ebb and flow... keep sowing good seeds and end each day with a happy tiredness and hands wide open for those special gifts from Heaven. The best ones, the ones which flutter down, always on the perfect day.
An overdose of peace and quiet might just lead to a loneliness with loud echoes.


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I can't even imagine an OD on peace and quiet!

Ann said...

Debra - So glad you're enjoying reading Helter Shelter! What exciting news - you're buying a farm house! Congratulations to you both. And the book will mean more to you now because of fixing up a house too! How fun! I haven't been around for a while to some of my favorite blogs but I've enjoyed catching up on your post. I've got a cold right now so I've been doing a lot of sleeping. Missed work today. Have a wonderful rest of the week.