Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So I watched Oprah today as usual (I know that unnerves some of you. Deal with it...:) and I loved the whole "What would you do?" thing. Only the past few years have I been fascinated by watching human nature. Why only recently? Because earlier I'd get all hot and bothered if people didn't act as I thought they should. You know, if they didn't act like I would.

Oh brother.

Anyway, as I said, I enjoyed the whole Oprah episode today except for one part which shook me up and made me cry. It was the scene where the guy behind the pastry counter (an actor) refused to serve the young Indian/Muslim woman (also an actor) because of her heritage and 'not being and dressing like an American...' ... and how some customers actually agreed that this was acceptable behavior.

Oh. My. Goodness. We all have at least one pet peeve which sets us off, makes us irate and shakes us up more than any other. And well, bigotry and prejudice is (are) mine. Whenever I watch film of people treating others unfairly and unjustly based upon their race (especially), it's as though suddenly an egg beater whirs somewhere inside my head and heart, making me actually tremble and weep.

I am not an overly-emotional person. Honest, I'm not. But oh my, prejudice makes me irate and turns me into a shaken, teary mess... and thoughtful for hours.

I watched the reactions of people in all of the 'experiments' and I liked to think that, in the same situations, I'd have spoken up in defence of those being mistreated. The old Debra would probably have been too shy. The new Debra? Well, she can go either way... and that's what irks me as I said in my last post. You know, with those occasional vestiges of leftover shyness. But after seeing the program today you can bet I'll be more watchful... and more prayerful that I'll be ready--in season and out-- to defend those who are being mistreated.

For they're out there, everywhere, I know. And I want always to live ready to speak up for the mistreated whenever they cross my path in everyday Life.

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