Thursday, January 31, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

We had a blizzard yesterday. Endless, dark skies and snow blowing horizontally and cold, cold, cold. Some parts of Buffalo had flooding and flash freezing, but we were spared that. Tom and I had nowhere to go, no appointments, so we stayed home all day, Tom in his recliner and me either on the loveseat or at my tiny diningroom office. I got out The Four Story Mistake and found it the perfect book for a stormy day. Perfect. Even for the tenth reread, or so.

Around 2:00 p.m. I looked at Tom still in his pajamas and asked aloud, "Why am I wearing my house clothes? Why don't I just get back into my nightgown and robe?" Tom said, "Why not?" so that's what I did. Then camped out on the loveseat while watching a terrific new show--Sue Thomas, FBI. Oh my. I call it my soap. I saw the first episode a couple weeks ago and have been so impressed with the actress who plays Sue. I mean, she makes lip-reading and signing look like the coolest, coolest things you can do upon this Earth. Eons ago, I took a sign language class for a few weeks but I didn't stick with it long enough to even begin appearing cool.

A bit later, someone knocked at the door and I made Tom answer it since his pajamas can pass for regular clothes if you don't stare at them closely. The neighbor boy asked to borrow a couple eggs because they were making chocolate cake and I loved that. We lived at our last house for nearly 15 years and no neighbor ever asked to borrow eggs or sugar or flour. But I always hoped they would. I wanted to feel as old-fashioned as possible in my old-fashioned neighborhood.

Anyway. Today is sunny and oh-so-clear and the 18 degrees feel like thirty. And since all of us were told to stay home yesterday if we had no place to go, everybody and his Uncle Mac is here today at the town library, including crying children. So, for the first time, I placed headphones upon my head hoping it would silence some of the noise, and well, it kinda does. But I'm thinking about Sue Thomas again and how in a library full of crying children, being deaf wouldn't be so very, very tragic at all.

And I'm also thinking that today is the final day of my self-imposed January vacation. Though I didn't have as many restful days as I'd dreamed of having, I had enough. In fact, I did watch the scandalous amount of tv I told you I would and I believe my brain has turned to mush.

So it's time to return to real-life. To un-mush my brain and move on to new things and even back to some old ones, too.


La SeƱora said...

yah to days in bed watching tv
i love those!

Saija said...

i love storms for the luxory of NOT having to go out!

daisydreamer said...

We haven't gotten that show for a while. I enjoyed it quite a bit. She's a real live person--quite fascinating.

... Paige said...

vacations are wonderful, but back to the normal is great as well. you know what "they" too much of a good thing is...
well it's not good