Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Okay. So I'm glad I posted those photos when I did, for we no longer have Internet access at our old house. Long story. I will spare you. Thanks so much for your kind comments below!

Tom and I were far, far, far too entrenched in that old house of ours. The way I'm feeling today, this moment? I never want a largish house again. A tiny cottage will be fine. Just a place for our best treasures and no room for the so-so, just-throw-it-under-there, stuff.

I asked Tom yesterday, "Wouldn't it be terrific if the only stuff we owned in this whole world was what we've packed into this tiny apartment?" He said, "Yeah, that would be great."

Personally, though, I don't think he meant it. Not really. He's not as sick of junk and the stuff you feel you must keep, even though you ache to let it go. To let it all go. But I am sick of stuff. Sick of how I keep making all these trips over to the old house and still--still--there's junk in the cupboards and drawers and the basement and shed. Will it never be emptied? Lately I wonder.

May we never become so entrenched again. May all our future houses be compact, sweet and givers of time and new freedoms. May we find new hobbies, ones which don't require buying things and lugging them home.

And may we never for one moment forget our lives upon this planet are oh so temporary... and when we leave, someone will have to clean-up after us.


Anonymous said...

"And may we never for one moment forget our lives upon this planet are oh so temporary...and when we leave, someone will have to clean-up after us."

AMEN! My daddy has been hoarding everything he touches...seriously he has about ten/more freezers full of food, a house full of "treasures"...he purchased a huge camper so he could travel but rather he over-stuffed it with more "treasures"...he recently purchased his old high school. Yes!!! An entire, run-down high school!!! Why? Because a former school teacher told him he would never graduate, his comment was that "one day I will own this school." sigh! But we know the real reason was his motto is "he who dies with the most stuff wins." Makes me wanna cry really.

My daddy started his hoarding when his daddy died, I had just turned 15 at that time...I will 41 next month. Heaven help us.

Anyway, those words of yours are almost exactly the same words that come to mind each time he excitedly tells of his latest purchase and when I start to see my own "treasures" starting to take over our humble cottage.

Congrats on your new found freedom. I am truly excited for you and Tom.


Simply April said...

I am glad to hear that your move went smoothly since it is never an easy chore. I must say that I love your style. :o)

For myself, I would be a minimalist, but dh is a pack rat to the nth degree.

Saija said...

that's how i felt too ... when i packed stuff from the house to the rental, then to the condo! i gave away LOTS of things ... but i want to give away even more - from the condo ...

tho' the catch is that when i'm looking for something, leo will most likely pipe up, "you gave it away" ... whether it's true or not!

and YES, may we hold things loosely, 'cause after all, it's ALL only STUFF!

smilnsigh said...

I love this entry!!!

And I linked to you, here.

I wish you so much perseverance in your wish to "never become so entrenched again". It sounds wonderful and is an inspiration.


Mrs. S. said...

i agree completely
i live my life trying to always have minimal worldly possessions
i think when people own to much their stuff starts to own them
good luck!

Judy said...

Um, yeah. Hold that thought.

Wish I had.