Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally our old house is no longer ours. No more treks over there by foot through 12 degree temperatures or snow storms to meet inspectors or the buyer or to clean rooms and box or trash paraphernalia lurking in deep, dark corners.

Finally the house where I lived longer than any other (nearly 15 years) is mine no more to step into and walk through its rooms.

Hallelujah! It is so time to move on. To remember the myriad special times, but to move on, nonetheless, and prepare for great times in our new tiny place and all the places to come.

Tom and I love our little cottage house. Life feels simpler there. Comforting. Easy, cozy and sweet.

But what concerns me? The way we're utterly content living with only one-third of our possessions. Hmm... definitely a lesson there. I hope I will remember it.

I watch the show, Clean House, everyday (I'm so addicted) and I see people cry when they release their possessions in order to make paths for newer, more organized rooms. I watch the pain-filled tugging inside them when part of them wants to let go but another part is afraid, especially when the items are gifts from family. And well, I would sit before the screen and giggle, "What a bunch of obsessive loonies," except that I experienced the same struggles last year. So I sit and understand and empathize, crying with them, instead.

Stuff... too much stuff. What a curse when we cannot let go. And how sad when the table dear ol' Great Aunt Mary gave us somehow has become Great Aunt Mary. Because really, that table is not her. An inanimate object is not a living, breathing person--and never will be.

A table is a table and even the torn, faded quilt Grandmother made is still, well, a quilt. It is we who attach all sorts of mystical feelings to stuff. And somewhere in the middle, we lose sight of what's alive and what's going to Heaven with us. And what is not.

And Grandmother becomes her torn and faded quilt. And to let go of the quilt is to let go of Grandma and see her die all over again. Hence, the pain.

Well, anyway, these are my thoughts lately while I recuperate from a year of purging our belongings and while I watch others purge their stuff on Clean House. Oh the angst and suffering--but the joy at the sight of clean, organized rooms! Rather like the joy which comes on sunny mornings after weeks of dark clouds and much rain.


Does anyone else watch Clean House? Niecy Nash is my new favorite person! I'd love to have her come to my tiny cottage and talk, simply just talk while I would sit, listening to her. Niecy is so very different from me and she makes me laugh aloud. I welcome anyone into my life who can do that.


Laurie said...

You're so right about the attachment we place on material items regarding their sentimental value. Letting go of something that reminds us of a loved one does feel like losing them all over again... It really is hard to do! I've been decluttering too - preparing for our move in a few months. I've surprised myself at some of the things I've been able to get rid of. But I won't say I haven't done so without a pang of angst...

Judy said...

So happy the move is complete for you!

And, you just made me very happy that my grandmothers didn't quilt!

I had a mad crush on the guy with the accent from TLC's Clean Sweep. He was in our area at a Home Show. Such greatness! Anyone who can motivate me to get rid of stuff is a hero to me.

Anonymous said...

We don't have cable/satellite tv so haven't watched Clean House, but when we *did* have access to shows like that, I sat riveted.

I'm going through my own period of sorting and purging, readying for a garage sale, ridding myself of those things that really don't matter. They really don't. I can release myself of them. Most of them. Oh, but there's my great grandmother's summer house rocker, with it's ruined caning and makeshift rung...that's going to be difficult...might not happen. But other things, things that don't necessarily take up residence in my heart of hearts, no problem.

Less is more.

Oh, and there's a quote I'll look up and share with you after I find it...

Anonymous said...

"Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris

Ann said...

We watch Clean House too! I am amazed at how much stuff people try to live with in and around them. I have stuff probably too much stuff but it's not right in the area where we live. I understand and feel the sameway you do about things. I only have one or two things from my family home and sometimes I'm sad about it but most times I know that things can't bring back those days or my Mom or Dad. I'm trying to declutter my craft room and having some success. I'm always making a bag for Goodwill. I'm so happy you are so happy in your new home. Changes can be a breath of fresh air sometimes.

Saija said...

hey good to see a new post ... and so glad to hear you guys are enjoying your little "in between, resting place" ... as the Lord prepares the "real new place" for you!

and yes, toooooo much stuff!!!! i am seriously thinking of a big garage sale come spring ... well i have purged - but there is still more to let go of ...

blessings on ya, and ENJOY!!!!!

La Senora said...

i love that show
i'm a purger
i'm the little girl who's mommy would check her trash bags because she'd throw away her dolls
makes me feel free
i feel you on nicey nash
she's soo funny
and cool
the kind of person you take shopping

Robin in New Jersey said...

What Network is CLean House on? I've never heard of it.

My new favorite is Color Splash on HGTV Saturday nights at 9. David's designs are so good. I told my husbnad if I had the money(ha) I'd hire him to come here and redo our entire house.

So happy that you are content Debra.