Monday, February 27, 2006

Farewell Don Knotts

Yesterday I learned that the actor, Don Knotts, passed away and I was, and still am, saddened.

In this blog I've often written about Mayberry and for forty years I have watched and loved The Andy Griffith Show, due in large part to Don Knott's hilarious Barney Fife. Last night I watched one of my favorite 'Barney episodes', one called The Song Festers... the one where, upon a dark, silent stage, Barney softly, tearfully sings part of Santa Lucia after he'd been asked to bow out of performing his solo. On a good day that episode makes me cry. On the day when I heard about the passing of Don Knotts, well, the tears came from a deeper place.

Few things in this life can be said to be perfect. But Knotts' Barney Fife was one of those few things. No one else could have played Barney, no one upon this whole Earth. No one.

But then, no one else could play you or me, either. We each have a part to play which can be played by absolutely nobody else. No one else can teach the lessons you teach or touch others in the same way. There is a sense of perfection in that, too. And I hope you have found it.

I was going to title this post Farewell Barney Fife and yet Barney will always be here on film. As long as I am here, I will keep Mr. Fife upon my shelves and when I need a really good laugh... when I need to be reminded of a place like Mayberry and how good life can really be, I will slip The Andy Griffith Show into my dvd player and Deputy Barney Fife will live again.

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