Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Complication Not Spoken Here

For the record, I hate complication. Hate it. Hate it.

What do I mean by complication?

Complication, to me, is knowing in my heart what God wants me to do, but then having my head analyze that thing to death--and then try to enhance God's instructions with my own bright ideas or even bury them out of fear.

You know, like when God asks you to show kindness to strangers and then your head, like rapid fire, starts shooting questions like:

"But what if I'm just hearing things? What if this isn't even You at all?"
"What if that person doesn't need any help/kind words?
"What if I suddenly can't think of a thing to say?"
"Shouldn't I do something bigger than what you're asking me to do?"
"What if they think I'm weird/demented/looney?"

Or in other areas where we feel God is leading us.. When we stray from simple trust and torture ourselves, instead, with stuff like:

"What if I invest a lot of time and money in this and it doesn't work out?
What if I can't do what You are asking me to do?
What if I can't keep my commitments?
What if I lose my friends? What if I'm misunderstood?"

That's the kind of complication I'm talking about. That's the kind of complication which has too often cheated me out of The Best Life Plan which God wrote up for me before I was even born. That type of mind game complication has cheated me out of years' worth of a grateful, giving life...and it's cheated lots of people out of what God wanted to do through me for them.

Another word for this kind of complication is reasoning. I hate reasoning, too, even though lots of Christians declare they thrive on it... thrive on figuring-out in their minds what to do, where to go, what to say, what to think, who to follow... Well, they can have it. All of my share and beyond. I had my years of reasoning and I feel only cheated by them.

I feel cheated anytime I am doing something God never asked me to do in the first place. Why? Because only God's ideas will succeed and bless others.

What have I chosen now instead of complication? Simplicity. Good old-fashioned simplicity which resonates more like this:

"You want me to help that person, Lord? Ok, show me what to do and then I'll trust you for the words to say."
"That person needs help, Lord? Well, they don't look like they need my help, but I'll just trust that I'm hearing from you. I'll trust that you have a specific plan in mind and that you'll be there to help me help them."
"You want me to invite company over to my house? Well, please help me to keep things simple and think more about my friends having a good time rather than impressing them with the way my house looks."

Simplicity... Wanting to know God so well that I can hear Him whisper....wanting to obey that whisper and not ask for five signs and miracles before I'll step out on the water...

Simplicity.... Coming away with God when He calls me to those quiet places where I can best hear Him... that place where He assures me that He'll be right beside me to walk on any body of water up ahead.

"Simon answered, 'Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.'" ... Luke 5:5

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