Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Historic Day

It is a historic day in my life.

Tom came home from the doctor's office around noon. He'd gone in because his hips were hurting more than usual. I was outside shoveling snow when he drove into the carport, so he gave me something to carry into the house and said he'd be right in. Then inside, two minutes later, I heard a knocking at the door. Odd, I thought.

I went to the door and just outside of it, Tom was lying on his back. He'd slipped on perhaps the tiniest bit of ice beneath our carport. That area is covered.... I had spread lots and lots of rock salt around...and still he slipped. He has fallen much too often lately (remember, he has that bum leg from polio).

Well, as I helped him stand up, I simultaneously let go of any dreams of staying here in this lovely old town more than just a few more months. Neither Tom nor I can take this any longer--this risking his bones every time he steps out the door each winter.

We have loved our eleven years here...our house and all the big old homes around us. We love that we live near two of the Great Lakes and tons of old farmland and historic places. We love that autumn here is mind-boggling with color.

But we can't take the snow anymore. Well, if I lived alone, I could. But I don't, so I can't.

We will have to move next year to a place where it never, or nearly never snows. A place not too far from California where our relatives live. Oregon perhaps? Though a place where the sun shines more than the fog rolls. A place where old houses are respected and can still be found for less than $100,000 (they are everywhere here where we now live, so yes, they do still exist). A small, old-fashioned community...

If you know of such a place, tell us. The search has begun.

And we are trusting God and Grace to see us through this with joy. Somehow.

This will be a test, a huge one, but I've been preparing for tests. I believe in every day 'doing my homework' so that when the tests come--as they always do--I will be ready. Well, I guess we'll see just how faithful I've been with the homework...just how prepared I really am.



Bekah said...

Where in the northeast do you live? I was born in NH.

Michael said...


Letting go is tough.
I know. I have had to let go of a few myself.

thinking of you,

J. said...

Oh! That must've been so scary for both of you. I'm glad he's okay. I don't know of any places, but I'll keep my ears open. Oregon is beautiful, lots of rain, though. Some of my cousins live there. One of my friends just moved to Arizona.


Debra said...

A special thanks to each of you. All prayers are appreciated! God bless... Debra