Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tuesday's Adventure

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope."   ... Romans 15:13


Tuesday was fun. Memorable.

Right after I finished mowing the lawn (not the fun part--my back was hurting), Sally stepped from her house and I called over that the strawberry plants I'd promised her were ready. She crossed the street and after I gave her the guided tour of my flower beds, we carried the plants back to her house where we toured her yard.

In our nearly 4 years at Hobbit Cottage I'd never seen the backyard of that large old grey house. There's a cool deck back there, perfect for potted plants (such sun it gets!) and a small plot of dirt where Sally, her daughter and grand-daughter hope to create a vegetable garden. They have an old stone walkway, also.

Then Sally asked if I'd like to see inside the house and hopefully I let her finish asking before exclaiming, yes! (You know what a snoop lover of houses I am.) The Price is Right was showing as we walked through the large living room which screamed homey-and-oh-so-comfortable the way mine never looks because I'm too insecure and a neat freak.

Sally showed me everything, even the way, years-ago, a 'remuddler' ran a sheet of wainscoting (which she pulled away for me) in front of original built-in drawers. Frankly, the whole place is a 'remuddle', but Sally rents this house so undoing all that's wrong is not her headache.

The kitchen was tiny and dark, but Sally pulled a meat pie from the oven for her lunch so everything smelled yummy. We climbed the tucked-away staircase and I noticed two of the four bedrooms upstairs didn't have doors. Sally's room is cozy (and dark except for late afternoons) and her new birthday tv sat on her dresser near the bathroom with a classic clawfoot tub, but there's no plumbing hooked up to anything. The big linen closet in the hall, (I told her I'm jealous), had no door, either. 

It's as though a former owner began undoing everything at once, then stopped. Oh dear.

But I loved Sally's tour. Her home felt so comfortable that I nearly stepped out the front (red) door without slipping my shoes back on. We chatted some more outside then said good-bye after I ran back across to my house for a pot of oregano for her.

Later I sat in our Prayer Garden and--in my mind--finished all the work needed on Sally's rooms, solved all their problems, then decorated them. That is what I do. It's like homework, honing my skills and keeping my mind from unraveling. It's like playtime, also. Some of you understand that.

Today's lesson? No matter your age or health, always believe for new adventures. Even in your own neighborhood. Even on a regular ol' Tuesday.


“Oh the places you'll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won..."   --- Dr. Seuss

At a moving sale on Saturday, Tom and I walked down stairs (and back in Time) to yet another 1950's rumpus room, complete with brown and white checkered floor tiles, a soda bar, a kitchen and orange and brown couches. Easily could I see Tobey Heydon, Brose Gilman and their friends dancing near the old turntable. 

Oh, how I enjoy living in an area where hundreds of such rooms still exist museum-like beneath houses.


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Tracy said...

Oh I love to see other people's homes! Even driving by after dark and if the curtains are open, I try to observe their decor. My family calls me the "house stalker"! LOL

I should note that I never get out of my car to peep into windows! :)

Elizabeth said...

I understand the excitement of seeing inside a house for the first time! I love seeing how other people live and decorate their homes!

Debra said...

Tracy and Elizabeth--sounds like you're both my kindred spirits in this area, as well! Let's just call it a creative curiosity that we all have. :) Thanks, Ladies! ... Debra