Sunday, May 10, 2015

Motherhood and Later Years

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” 
― Robert Frost


Wondering where I've been? I was on Spring Break.

Oh, not the travel and swim, party and stay up late kind. No, the type where you step into your back yard and the green leaves on trees make you gasp, then hum the sentence, "It's the most wonderful time of the year," all sing-song-like. Because it is, you know-- the best time. All those months ahead of gorgeous weather!

Yes, last winter felt that long. 

Oh, green trees, sunshine and reading beside my flower beds! The older I become, the shorter my list of what brings great joy. Perhaps that's as it should be, especially as I find myself slowing down in body and mind, which might sound concerning, but isn't. When one slows her thoughts, her steps, she notices more, hurries and fumbles less, and walks within a certain grace of being led, rather than driven.

At least, these were my meditations at a yard sale yesterday after I bought 3 summer-colored, like-new nightgowns and a purple top. The old Debra would have felt rushed to pay for her armful of purchases, struggled with the clasp of her change purse, hurriedly counted her money. But new-yet-older Debra took her time, methodically handed everything over then walked in warm sunlight to the car with her simple $4 bag of treasures, smiling gratefully.

Some people fear aging's slowing down, but not this person. She's free from thinking (or reacting) as others do and enjoying this calmer side, catching-up on all she missed over in those rushed, must-prove-something years. Over here, she's done what she's done, it speaks for itself (for good or bad), it is what it is. The Past has passed and what she's becoming today matters most.

Over here, Life feels simpler and so much richer. Yes, even with 55 years behind it.


Happy Mother's Day!

Motherhood whisks us into a whole other realm, a club of sorts, where we understand other mothers and children with new, kindred compassion. Nothing else stretches, humbles and recreates our hearts the same way and I'd not have missed that adventure for anything!

“Before I got married I had six theories about raising children; now, I have six children and no theories.” 
― John Wilmot


Did you read the Kindle book, One Lane Bridge, from one of my free lists? I couldn't put it down last week and still it rolls my brain around with its time travel/mystery/old house story.

Though it's no longer free, it's only .99 cents and still a bargain. (Don't read the Amazon comments first. Sheesh. Often I wonder, "Just what do people want?")


Free Kindle books:

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Dewena said...

Here's one of those posts that I read nodding my head thinking: "Oh, yes, I feel that way too."

It's such a gentle way of maturing in all ways but mostly with acceptance and self-respect. Very nice.

mabeane said...

I love what you say about being a mother. I,too, wouldn't have missed that adventure for the world.

Pam said...

I can identify with your thoughts about motherhood and maturing into this time in our lives. So far, I've embraced the changes. Some are easier than others. Lately, I find myself wanting to pause and simply embrace all the good stuff life offers.

Terra said...

I am at the same point as you are, slowing down and savoring many small yet big moments.

Debra said...

Thank-you Everyone! What a relief that I'm not the only one who's slowing down and appreciating it rather than fearing it. :) A special thanks to each of you who took the time to let me know how you feel! May we all grow in grace together... Blessings, Debra

Diana said...

I just finished One Lane Bridge today and loved it!! Thanks for mentioning it!
Diana in Illinois

Debra said...

Oh Diana! One of my very favorite things is when readers come back and let me know they read/watched something I recommended. So thank-you! And I'm so glad you enjoyed One Lane Bridge. Wasn't it fun? Blessings, Debra