Friday, May 15, 2015

A Party of My Own

Thursday sparkled and, mostly, I played hooky from housework. Sunny, 62 degrees--Heaven will feel more perfect, I told myself, but yesterday I couldn't understand how.

I spent hours outside. I puttered and dug up strawberry plants for Sally after we chatted in her yard, Buddy The Dog at our feet, then I basked in my old wicker chair, sun upon my arms, with a 1950's Tobey Heydon book.

Our neighbor's place had what I call That 1960's Afternoon Look...

... because it reminded me of the houses I'd pass as a ten-year-old while walking home with friends from school in Mill Valley, California. I gazed over there and felt 10 again. Well, almost.

Yesterday I created my own Day To Remember and you know? That's okay. If we're always waiting for others to help us celebrate specific days (or rejoicing only when ducks are in neat rows), only a fraction of our life will be memorable. God and Grace and I are aiming for something higher.

Today we'll have clouds, sprinkles, and there might be no sitting beside my flowers. But that's all right. I had what I had yesterday and it's a forever part of me. Today will be different, but that doesn't mean it will be less.


When Tom arrives home from work we watch our prime-time-saved-for-later shows, but sometimes I stare, instead, at our late afternoon kitchen ...

... especially when confetti-like colors wave in the window.

I love how, if you enlarge this, it looks like something enchanting is going on outside. 

We all create a life by our choices and attitudes toward what has happened. Everything changed when I first realized that.


"This is the (simple, non legal holiday) day the Lord has made-- I will rejoice and be glad in it."

If we're envying another person's life, in reality, it may be their attitude we're admiring.


I've shared that Mill Valley video with you before, but if you're around my age, it may just zap you back to your own childhood. I'm not one to spend weeks in my past, but the occasional glance is pleasant for old time's sake before returning to these present 'good old days'.


Wondering about the Biker Guy and George Our Neighbor situation? All's been quiet on the neighborhood front.  Thankfully.  :)


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"And be ye thankful."


Tracy said...

Gorgeous photos! Your home is so charming, Debra. :)

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post ! Sounds like a wonderful day ! I love your attitude about life Debra ! It always inspires me !

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I'm still stuck on the idea that you played 'hookie' from housework. Is that okay? Is it legal? Am I permitted to play 'hookie' from my housework? Oh, I think I just might do that someday!! Sounds delightful! Thank you, thank you! :-)

Deborah Raney said...

That IS enchanting, the view out your kitchen window! And the view down your side yard. Did you ever think you'd see that view again after your long, long winter!? I hope you have as beautiful a spring as we have. It has just been lovely for days on end. I'm trying to breathe it all in and save it for hot summer days. Always love the photos you post!

Debra said...

Tracy--thanks so much for your kind words!

Elizabeth--your encouragement keeps me going--thank-you!

Gorgene--you've given me an idea for another post explaining my days off--so thank-*you*! :)

Deb--I'm glad you liked my kitchen window scene! I really did, also. Oh and yes, totally--after our long winter it's as though every green leaf is a miracle. I hope to never lose this feeling of appreciation!

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra