Friday, October 25, 2013

Making Decisions = Moving Forward.

A double-mind (wo)man is unstable in all her ways." ... James 1:8  (from the DTV ... Debra's Tweaked Version)


So it's like, recently, the Acceptance Mode of my head was updated and although I've had to watch a few dreams die (and have moped grieved over them), still, it's been interesting. 

Anyway, for two years I've stared at my living room curtains and cringed that they're tweaked and just don't hang correctly and, at night, I must fasten them together with an ugly blue potato chip bag clip. Which is more annoying than I can say.

At first we couldn't afford new curtains, but for the last 18 months we could, yet did I decide what color/type/design/style I wanted? No. For a whole year-and a

Sheesh, I'm slowing down in my old age.

Times past, I would make decorating decisions in an hour or just grab something at a yard sale and make it work. But I'm not just slowing down; I think I'm becoming more picky. I keep telling Tom, "I'm 54 now and I've earned the right to not settle on _______" (fill in the blank). "I'll do without before I settle. Deal with it."

Funny how often I've repeated that.

But this week I actually decided on curtains I wanted, then searched online for the picture in my head. Then hey! I placed an order (they were half-off, even) and now I'm excited-out-of-my-mind that soon six of these lovely panels will arrive:

Yellow with white paisley. Be still my heart.

And you know? Once I made that decision and pro-actively did something (rather than throwing up my hands and considering buying a whole other house, even), I decided I'll someday paint our kitchen arch, green. And I came up with a cool idea to use some red floral wallpaper for the "post" (the wrapped chimney) in our kitchen and then I'll paint the dresser in our kitchen, green, as well.

Now I can't wait until I get un-lazy enough to actually do all that. :)

Making decisions and becoming pro-active: the older I become, the more I notice they loosen invisible chains of indecision and open many doors to lots of good, good things. 

As Nike was known to say, just do it.


. Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.
- Henry Ford

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step."   ... copied


Nan said...

Well put! I've noticed that too. When I decide on something, a lot of other things come together.

Terra said...

I need some of your decisiveness for decorating flourishes at our house. Good for you, the curtains are pretty.

Pat said...

It seems I'm very pro-active on getting things my head. Much slower in actually putting things in motion.
I LOVE the new curtains, so happy and bright. You must take a picture when they are gracing your windows!

Bonnie said...

I've procrastinated all my adult life. Always got the important things done....just lots of little things. I finally decided to let myself off the hook for it. Perspective is funny. Does anyone else care how organized my photos are? Does anyone else care how quickly I go through that perpetual pile of stuff that resides on the kitchen counter, better known as my "desk"? Who notices that my family room baseboards could use a coat of paint? Probably only me. I'm grateful that I had a mom who taught me not to be hard on myself. She used to say: "Don't beat *yourself* up; let other people do that."....meaning life is hard enough; accept who you are; slightly imperfect, made whole in Christ. P.S. Love the curtains! Very cheery. You made a good decision. ; ) It's going to be fun waiting for them to come in the mail.

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone! I'm glad you like the curtains and I'll be sure to show photos when I get them up. I'm still reaping good things from being pro-active and that's even a bit why I've not been at my blog as often--I've actually been accomplishing a few things around the house!

Thanks again! Blessings Debra