Saturday, August 18, 2012

Growing. Learning. Creating.

"Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding."  ... Proverbs 4:6-7


So guess who finally painted her kitchen arch and dining room wall yesterday? And guess who's so thrilled with the new look that she's going to paint the rest of that dining room wall, the one which belongs to the living room?

Yep, me.

Oh, that buttery paint warmed up our walls, making me feel as though I'm stepping into a hug, and now, more than ever, the iceberg white of our living room walls chills me. Ack. Perhaps someday I'll paint the rest of it. Perhaps. But whatever, I'm amazed that, at a glance, Donna's paint so closely matched that already in our kitchen. One of those 'God things', definitely.

But yesterday I did get my Mayberry Day as I'd hoped, what with painting those walls and then changing back into my dreamy summer nightgown (I find any excuse to wear that) for a long rest with snacks in the recliner and more of Psych. My 1940's radio station playing upstairs. And then changing into my clothes and re-spray-painting picture frames, black (red wasn't working) and outdoor furniture under the cool sunshine. Created kitchen valences from linen napkins. More tv. More rest.

A remarkable day.

But then Tom came home, answered a phone message he'd received from his credit card company and oh dear. Some Bozo charged a plane trip to Xanobania (whatever) on Tom's credit card earlier and then today had mailed a package from San Francisco so the credit card people caught that, thankfully. But still, gah.  

A half hour later, all was straightened-out and I gave Tom his dinner.

Oh well! We all have things which swoop in, meaning to steal our joy and ruin our day. But maturity calms our hearts, tells us this, too, shall pass so go on and just be happy. And keep creating.

Maturity also says this,below, but you have to be pretty grown-up, indeed, to agree with it:

"People are not our problem. Our problem is the way we respond to our problems."  ... Joyce Meyer

Personally, I agree. It's not the awful people in our lives--it's the awful thoughts in our heads which ruin everything. 

And well, that's why no flake over in San Francisco is going to spoil my joy today and neither are the silly political shenanigans or all the whiners, moaners or mean people online. No, today I'll respond by paying our credit card bill, the part we charged and then I'll finish painting that living room wall with all the windows wide open on this cool, sweet Saturday. 

And then continue to Mayberry-ize my Life.


You know how I'm always looking for new-to-me tv series to watch on Netflix? Well, Tom found one for us and we so enjoyed watching it together. It's called Alphas

The first season tells of a psychologist who gathers a group of people born with enhanced abilities (Alphas), folks whose families don't understand them nor their abilities. This group then is involved with helping other Good Alphas and  fighting against the Bad Alphas of the world. 

Partly why I like it is that I know how it feels to be misunderstood and labeled incorrectly because of the gifts God's given me. 

Probably we all know how that feels and I'm thinking that's what will draw many to this show.  Season 2 is currently being shown on the Sci Fy channel, but again, you can find the first season in the instant view portion of Netflix.


“I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy” ... John 16:22 



Anonymous said...

Great job. It looks like a hug and doesn't everyone want to feel their home is hugging them no matter what the day brings.


Mary said...

So cozy! Love that color. Sounds like a perfect day!

Anonymous said...

Isen't it so uplifting to get a job done you have wanted to do but hadn't gotten around to doing!! We did one of those yesterday too. That hug thought is about the way I felt when I saw those two days of looks around your house photos. Cozy was a good word yet the house seemed more so and your hug thought is just right. Enjoy all your cooler days and your Suzy/Mayberry days. I get a kick out of hearing from you always. Gods ways and teachings are always good lessons filtered through your blog. :-) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Not sure if all people experience the same amount of rejection, but probably most experience some. Being different is not easy but we cannot be anyone else than we were created to be. The FATHER made us to suite HIMSELF I figure...and if that does not suit other poople, I guess they can talk to HIM about it. I am so grateful HE knows us, loves us and cares for us and sometimes even sends along someone "with skin on" to hug us!
Elizabeth in NC