Wednesday, August 01, 2012

In Case You Wondered...

I read with interest various articles today about Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. If we had a Chick-fil-A nearby, Tom and I would have visited it. But we don't, so we didn't.

This is one topic I don't believe I've ever written about in all my 8 years at this blog. So, well, ever wonder how I feel about homosexuality? Check it out here. The Bible verses there speak for themselves. Clearly. To me, anyway.

Some things I may change my mind about in the future, but this subject? Nope. Not ever. 

I will have compassion for everyone, but I can't allow that compassion to make me view the Bible as being in error. Uh, no. No matter how many thousands of people may disagree with me.


Here's another Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day article.



Rita said...

I think when scripture and what people are doing in the world are not the same....we need to pray. This is not a simple issue. You are not wrong. Maybe you are not right. I do not know. But God does.
He will lead us all if we but ask.

MarzieCX said...


I have to say, there have been a few blogs I have let go since this whole debate started. Definitely
a controversial topic, however, you summed it up nicely. "I will have compassion for everyone, but I can't allow that compassion to make me view the Bible as being in error. Uh, no. No matter how many thousands of people may disagree with me." You definitely didnt lose me as a reader.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Debra~ I totally agree with you. The Bible needs to be our guide of what is truth. And this issue is a black and white issue. There is such an attack on marriage and really any thing that is biblical. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. I am very proud of you having the courage to take a stand on this issue.
God bless, Lisa :O)

Mrs. Mac said...

Amen .. this IS black and white .. no shades of gray. I do not understand how the 'liberal' side of the church (and society) can think otherwise. Even with scripture.

Anonymous said...

If we had a Chick-fil-A near us, we would have gone too. For sure.

Anonymous said...

Good for you to speak up!! I am still here and still agree 100%. We need to not stand silent. I am so tired of what was wrong now is right and You are many issues that were normal and moral years ago and forever before that are now right and to be against it You are wrong. They act like grown up bullies pushing and yelling about their causes. Well no, ... ... they Are wrong if the Bible says differently. God does not change. I sometimes wonder if they are reading a different Bible than I am!! God loves us but He does not like what all we are doing if it is against His standards set forth in His Word. Right is right. It is set in stone. Sarah

Anonymous said...



Robin in New Jersey said...

We did a family Bible study a couple months back with our girls (13,15 & 17) and looked up all those verses with them.

I agree with Mrs. Mac, It is right there in black and white.

No Chick-Fil-A here either. If there was one, I would have been there.

Bonnie said...

We drove down to chick-fil-a last night for dinner and as we approached the restaurant there were probably a dozen cars waiting patiently on the street just to get into the parking lot. Obviously it would be a long wait, but I'm assuming they were there to make a point, which was heard loud and clear yesterday. Because it was so busy we chose to go elsewhere but we're patronizing them much more than we ever did because of the free speech issue. I was especially pleased by the quote of Mr. Cathy ....."we are a family based business who are married to our first wives."

Their message is not one of hatred but we (christians) will certainly *not* deny our Lord if asked and that's why we love America. Thanks for blogging about this controversial issue, Debra.