Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Add Another Miracle to the List

Yesterday I experienced a miracle. Yes, another one.

You probably recall me complaining about our so hot, so humid summer, right? And I didn't even mention how Tom and I had to miss our county fair this weekend, the second year in a row because of the weather (last year, heavy rain was the culprit).

So it's been hot and steamy nearly every day and I don't mean in a good way, either. heh.

Well. Yesterday Tom was scheduled for another injection for his back, the 3-times-yearly kind for which he's required to bring someone along with him lest he not be able to safely drive home alone. Usually it's about a 3-hour wait for me and on super hot or super cold days I read my books, or try to, anyway, inside their dark, large hallway with the tiny canned ceiling lights. Even at the chairs near the large windows it's still dark and with people walking in and out, it's distracting, too.

So not my favorite place.

But! On perfect days I can roll down the windows in the car and pull our silver sun visor across the windshield, creating a type of private tent, and kick off my shoes and drink my coffee which I bought inside that dark hallway and eat my little bag of cookies from the vending machine and read while reveling in the cool breezes wafting across my face, and well, then that place and those three hours of waiting feel heavenly.

And that's what happened yesterday. Rather than only being able to survive 20 seconds inside a hot car, suddenly! Our weather turned cool, only around 75 degrees, and I spent three perfect hours outside in our front seat.

Oh my. I finished reading Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear (loved it), skimmed an autumnal decorating magazine and drank my decaf, munched on my cookies and gazed up at puffy clouds in extremely blue skies and felt grateful down to my toes. Happy couples walked by, holding hands, everyone feeling relieved that our hottest days are gone.

And suddenly it didn't matter that we'd missed the fair and multiple car shows this summer because of either the weather or Tom's new job. All of that faded, blew far away with the gentle breezes caressing my face.

A real miracle. At least that's how I saw it, and should God ask, when I stand before Him in Heaven, whether I caught how He sent me that one perfect summer day in 2012 just when I needed it most, I'll answer, "Oh yes! And I appreciated every single, memorable second."

And I think that will make Him smile.


"And be ye thankful..."



Elizabeth said...

Love it !

Dolores said...

Debra, you make everything fun!

Anonymous said...

We are having one of those steamy days again here. Even so once in a while on such days a slight breeze will blow when I am outside and it feels so marvelous and really revives me. I can't help but say out loud "Thank you God for that cooling breeze". It has gotten me some strange looks when I was among other people and forgot to keep my prayer of thanks to myself but ha...It was the thing to do anyway! He never stops surprising us does He?? :-) Hope Tom's shot was a success. I imagine it is the same kind our son gets. Sarah

Judy said...

I have NEVER appreciated a 'normal' summer day as much as I have this year. Our Sunday was perfect.
It's predicted that Thursday will be cool and rainy. I plan to dance in it.

Robin in New Jersey said...

You are such an encouragement! Finding the joy it what could be an annoying situation, is what you do best!

We are not able to take a vacation this summer, so I try to find little mini vacation things to do. Yesterday my girls and I went to a small lake near us and walked the walking path and then sat in the shade on one of the benches and enjoyed the breeze. The geese came up and honked at us and we laughed. We could hear a man singing off in the distance as he sat in the shade on the other side of the lake and we laughed some more!

So thank full for the little gifts. If we just keep our eyes open, they are there.

Anonymous said...

When you live in steamy humid hot...those lovely days are SO MUCH appreciated!! We are waiting still for one of those...but we cannot complain because in our 9 years here, this is the first year that we have been able to leave the windows open for oh maybe at least 40 days or so...I actually lost count, up until the heat came in June. Most years we go from hot to cold and you get maybe a handful of days to leave the house all open!! The 9 years I lived in Idaho, I never gave such days a second thought because there were so many!! (I am still SO AMAZED that people inhabited this area before air conditioning!!)
Elizabeth in NC