Friday, December 17, 2010

Things Will Change

Yesterday. Ah, yesterday.

My ironing board was set up in the dining room and that Charlie Brown Christmas song ("Christmas time is here, Happiness and cheer") wafted down from the ceiling vent while Naomi practiced with brushes on her drums. 

Tom arrived home with Oreo's (I know, the worst-for-you cookies) which cost just 50 cents after our Rite Aid sale and coupon, then he and I snuggled into our chairs in the living room where we watched another episode of The X-Files while snow blew around outside.

And Debra called it Good. So very, very good.

But last year at this time? I recall still feeling sad about the 'death' of Naomi's and Carl's relationship after seven years and the actual death of their cat, Oreo. Death's dark cloud can take longer than we think to vanish, can't it? This is why (I tell myself) Tom and I do not have farm animals. They always eventually die, so this ultra-sensitivity within me would mean there would be that cloud, always or nearly so. 

And who needs that?

But lately? Oh, the peace! The indescribable peace as I step from room to room. Tom has no job, but still there's that peace. Naomi has no home of her own, yet her living here with us has increased the peace of our rooms. At least, it feels like that. The harmony is thick--you can almost slice it with a knife.

So what am I telling you? 

Your tomorrow may be totally different than your today. The way you're feeling today will someday be just a memory. You will change, grow and think differently. Hope will increase and Life will look and be better.

If you hang in there. If you keep seeking, finding and learning how to fling away the bad so to receive the good. But you must never, ever give-up.

You must always keep your tomorrows coming.



Nita in South Carolina said...

Thank you for this post. I am terribly discouraged these days, and really needed to read that. Merry Christmas!

Pat said...

This is a beautiful encouraging post. There IS always tomorrow, and when it comes it serves as a newly washed window to see the past and that we survived and became smarter, stronger and more thankful!

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Debra said...

Nita--thanks for letting me know this blessed you. I'm praying that your world will turn brighter today in all ways.

Pat--so true! Our tomorrows should all bring so much hope... and more of God in our lives.

Nancy--thanks... Blessings to you!

Thanks, Everyone...Debra