Tuesday, December 07, 2010

BalanceBalanceBalance. TrustTrustTrust.

So whole decades ago (has it really been that long?), Tom, Naomi and I watched A Chipmunk Christmas. (You remember Alvin and the Chipmunks, right? "ALVINNN!") ツ

Well (spoiler alert), Alvin secretly gives away his harmonica (a gift from Dave, his caretaker/agent) to an ill little boy. But then Dave announces that, at their next concert, he'd like Alvin to play his new harmonica.

So Alvin, unable to tell Dave that he no longer owns the harmonica (lest he hurt his feelings), begins a campaign to earn money for a new one. For days Alvin hunts for money, begs for money, attempts to earn money, making Dave crazy and worried about Alvin's apparent mercenary selfishness.

Dave is pushed over the proverbial edge when he checks on a sleeping Alvin. Quietly opening the door, he looks down at Alvin who then, speaking in his sleep, repeats over and over, "MoneyMoneyMoney. I need money!"

Heh. Of course, the truth comes out eventually and Dave tells Alvin he's proud of him for giving away the harmonica.

One thing never left me after watching that cartoon--the MoneyMoneyMoney thing. For over 20 years I've found perfect situations in which to repeat to Tom, "MoneyMoneyMoney," in a joking fashion. And always we chuckle.

Well lately, MoneyMoneyMoney has been on my mind. How to make it. How to save it, even though--right now--we have enough. 

But still, each week I can get a bit bonkers while keeping-up with my online surveys (must. complete. this. boring. survey) and I keep fine-tuning my penny-pinching skills, scouring coupon websites (becoming all wild-eyed, CouponsCouponsCoupons-ish), turning off extra lights and even pawing weekly through certain drawers for change for our big plastic pickle jar which is labeled Vacation Fund, but which, someday, may be redeemed for more practical things.

MoneyMoneyMoney. Wondering if we'll have enough too far into the future.

But then God comes along and tells me to, well, knock it off. ッ And this:

"Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." ... James 4:14


He reminds me of balance--sweet, wise, calming balance. And how, sometimes people work too hard and die young, and conversely,but many people aren't working (moving around) enough and are dying young, too. 

So balance! Always remember the amazing value of balance, He whispers.

And Trust--remember that, also, He says. Trust that, if I do my part, He will do His. And oh, I think I can do that.  With Him.


'And All Shall Be Well, And All Shall Be Well, And All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well.' ~ St. Julian of Norwich


Uh-oh! "Sitting is the new smoking." ... Dr. Mehmet Oz



Donetta said...

Good Morning
Oh so true. This zero balance budget project is so wonderful that way. Yet caution needed as well. Knowing where it is going exactly has really helped ease my mind.

Trust is gained by little risks rewarded. So many many times over He has proven Himself trustworthy to us. Over and Over.
It is when it is let to feel as if it is ALL up to us that the issue is a ruin.
We do our part yet, He is the one that makes us able to that. Then WHEN we do all we can and/or AS we do all we can were met half way or more.
Usually it looks like more. :)
The trick is the focus of looking to that part, the what He is doing/has done part.

Think on the things that we have witnessed Him do in the past. Speak on these things as well. Tell of them so your soul can hear it a fresh.

Jan said...

How true...worry, concern and "trying so hard" aren't gifts God gives us. Taking care of us is what He does.

Ryan said...

I enjoyed this post. Found your blog on Sall's blog today and will keep my eye on it. =)

Ryan http://marvelousminutia.blogspot.com/