Sunday, December 19, 2010

Letting Go of Complaining and Christmas (Sorta)

In 1991, we experienced one nearly snow-less winter in Nevada and the whole rest of the year I felt, well, off. As though I'd missed something. As though the world, just a tad, was tilting wrong. And ever since, I've declared that never could I live where it does not snow, otherwise that 'something is wrong somewhere' cloud would remain over my head. Always.

I am so over that.

Gah! We keep hovering around 20 degrees. There's snow. Ice. Dark clouds most days. This isn't supposed to be happening! Not in December, anyway. This isn't January--that's usually when we have this stuff.

I want to go outside and play.

I want to move to a place where it snows only every 30 years, or so.

But oh well, that's, like, impossible at this moment. So I can either choose to complain the whole rest of the winter (how dreadful to think it isn't even officially winter yet!)--or--I can receive Grace. I can welcome her to spend the winter with me and listen while she reminds me of all that is good about being winter housebound. There is much good (even the challenge of it all)--but I'll only see that if I cast away my complaints.

That's how it works. For me, anyway.


Warning: This will shake-up you rabid Christmas celebrators:

You won't believe this, but the only decorating I've done for Christmas is to tape our Christmas cards onto the side of our dining room hutch as they arrive. That's it. And you know? Any desire to do more than that is gone, for actually, I'm one of the growing crowd of people who just don't want to do Christmas the world's way anymore. Frankly, the more traditions I let go, the freer I feel. The weightlessness is heady. His burden is light.


(Please don't try talking me into decorating for Christmas, ok? I had 40+ years of decorating--'decorating light' the last ten-- and I think that's plenty of time to earn the right to give that up if I want to, especially since--with the way my house is decorated year-around--throw in two extra items and the entire scheme, the whole 'chi' goes out of whack (tilt-tilt-tilt). Plus, Tom and Naomi care even less about it than I do. We all prefer the simplicity which is Jesus.)

(And I am so sorry if those last two paragraphs made anyone hyperventilate. Really.)


I'm not a bah humbug. I'm just a different drum marcher. シ



Unknown said...

We did less this year than since we have been married and I love it. Plan to do even less next year. Less decorations & more of Him.

Jan said...

We cannot change the weather or the darkness as we anticipate the arrival of the "Light".
Our meager decorations are enough in this culture of much, much more than enough.
My amaryillis seems in touch with the spirit of the season, however, looking to bloom crimsom in the next week or so.
God is providing me with His own decoration!

Donetta said...

sounds peaceful
Merry Christmas

Debra said...

Odie, Jan and Donetta--thanks for letting me know I'm not way off in this! I appreciate your comments more than you know. Blessings, Debra