Friday, December 03, 2010

Ol' Rebel Debra

I am such a rebel.

You know how, at Facebook, your friends will write something like, "This is cartoon week. Post a photo of your favorite cartoon character instead of your own and make some nostalgic fun for everybody."

Well, I never do that.

And you know those email forwards where, at the very bottom it says, "Send this to ten friends or it means you don't love Jesus."?

I never do that, either. Instead, I just sit here and say, "Ha! I'll show you. I won't forward this to anybody and I will still love Jesus anyway."


Always I've been like this.

Even as a teenager I read different books than my friends and watched movies they just pooh-poohed as being family-feel-good. I listened to the Carpenters and classical music while my friends tuned-in hard rock. I never even considered drinking, for I wanted to be a modern Samson who was supposed to never drink, being a Nazarite, (though he did) or cut his hair.

I had long hair when short hair was in. Still have it, even though I'm over 50 (the nerve, huh?!)

And while I grew-up in churches which found it too hard to believe in divine healing and spiritual gifts and miracles, I believed in it all. I believed God was big and that the Bible was literally true. And I confess, I now avoid preachers who make tradition huge, but God, tiny.

I am contrary, yes I am. And well, that is probably one reason I've never been popular.

Good thing I've never wanted to be that, either. 

It becomes easier to stand alone when necessary (and sometimes it is) when being popular isn't the goal.



Unknown said...

In ways we are so much alike because I never mess with the games they play on FB & I dislike those forwards too. You are not the only rebel.

Judy said...

I LOOOVE Facebook, except for those sorts of things.

Why would I have to 'like' if I love Jesus? Shouldn't my life show it?

Oh, well. If it makes people 'like' Jesus more than say, Farmville, then let 'em!

Let's be Indepentent together!

(Can you tell I watched Rudolph?)

Pat said...

Just put me right in there with this rebel crowd!

Nita in South Carolina said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I am laughing because I just had this SAME conversation with my teenage son five minutes ago about the cartoon character thing!!! The minute somebody starts a post with "you have to!" or "everybody do this!" I immediately decide that I will NOT do it! Hey Debra - get out of my head ;)

Tracy said...

I guess that makes me a rebel, too! I love the Carpenters music. :)

Deborah Raney said...

LOL! You and my husband, Debra. Rebels! But in a very good way! I admire that quality. More people should be that way!

Deborah Raney said...

P.S. I AM a rebel when it comes to e-mail forwards that say you have to send to 10 people, etc. etc. I NEVER do those because I don't want to make anyone feel the pressure I feel when I get one of those!

Jan said...

Sounds like a typical PK to me. The fish bowl childhood causes you to put in your stamp , for some its rebellion in a good way fro others not to good.
I, too, serve a BIG God and much to the consternation of my folks knew He healed and even experienced it only to have them try to explain it away(.And please don't tell anyone).
My relationship with God has stood the test of time.