Thursday, June 04, 2009

So here's a picture of one of my latest unfinished projects (which are many). But at least I did begin, so I'm giving myself points for that. I had just a bit of masking tape left, I'd been procrastinating seeing how stripes would look and so finally I pushed past my inherent laziness and--as Nike encourages--I just did it.

And I like the stripes so far. I plan to paint only the back wall with stripes, for it makes rather a bold statement and, I believe, would overwhelm the kitchen if all the walls were the same.

Just do it... just do it... Push past that laziness. That's my song of this Springtime, my first Springtime down on the farm. Oh, there's so very much to do, but I'm trying to work smart, not hard. I'm trying to do this year what will make next year simpler, especially out in our yard.

So far, so good, but oh... I'm so very far behind on my emails and comments here at my blog. If I owe you something, please be patient with me. I've never before been a farmgirl in Spring.


Ew. Ew. Ewwww! (Gross Alert.)

I just came in from mowing our lawn where, unfortunately, I accidentally mowed over what was probably that same snake I told you about here. Argh. I absolutely hate it when I kill an animal, even a snake. And to top it off, by the looks of its guts (I told you this was gross), it was probably pregnant. So of course, I feel worse. But alas, as Dr. Phil says, guilt implies intent, and I certainly didn't intend to rip that poor snake to shreds. Besides, she had at least 15 minutes to hide under a rock or beneath the pallets (where she was just inches away).

Sigh. I hated to have this opened-up snake lying there for Tom to take away when he comes home from work, so I mosied over to our neighbors' barn where I knew Rob (we'll call him) was working. I told him the problem, asked him if maybe a cat or wild animal would just cart the snake away or would it just poof! disappear. He said he wouldn't mind carrying it out to the woods for me. What a sweetie! I must have said thank-you twenty times.

And I know... one must expect these sorts of things when one lives on a farm. But still, I feel dreadful... Poor snake--but at least its end was quick.


Dolores Lynn said...

Debra, I love it!!!!!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh I love the stripes. And agree, that one wall will be perfect. A bold statement on one wall of a room, always seems to work best.

Congratulations on 'just doing it'! Oh wow but we all need that suggestion, a lot of the time.

Mmmmmm, that upstairs room which is full of un-put-away holiday decorations for instance. -grinnnnn- Oh yes. Just do it!

Aunt Amelia

Louba said...

Those stripes put a smile on my face. It's really nice and it goes well with your colorful valence. I love your old Osterizer.

Patty H. said...

I like the stripes!
Just do it-good attitude to have. One I need to take on more often.
Patty H.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I love love love your little kitchen table with the toaster on it! My Mom used to have one like that by a window, and she'd make her toast and drink her coffee..loved it and yours brought lovely memories back!