Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've mentioned here that Tom and I are currently Netflixing the seasons of Stargate SG-1 since we've become such huge Stargate Heads. heh. We have the 'two discs at home at a time' option--we usually have one Stargate SG-1 disc and one movie, usually of Tom's choice.

Anyway, we've watched five whole years' worth of Stargate SG-1 and the first disc of season 6 was due to arrive last Wednesday. But on Tuesday I saw in my queue online that some Netflix guy totally skipped over our first two selections (each Stargates, season 6) and was sending a movie, instead. Selection #3. And both of those Stargate discs said they were available now. Now!

This was not the first time this had happened, and well, I threw a fit.

"I can't believe these people! What kind of idiots do they have working at Netflix? It's like some dufus at a computer peers at our movie list and says, "Aw, they don't really want to watch those oldy-moldy ol' Stargates, do they? They'd much rather have a cool, new movie, wouldn't they?"

I was livid. I had so been looking forward to our next Stargate disc (but then, aren't I always?). Tom arrived home soon after and I told him that once again those stupid Netflix morons had used their own judgement instead of just giving us what we wanted. And--if both those discs were unavailable--then they should say so and not label them as available now. Tom smiled. Stayed calm, even(!) I told him I should send Netflix a scathing email because they've treated us like this once too many times and he said, "Yes. Go ahead."

But guess what? When I quieted down, God began speaking to me. Convicting and correcting me. Calming me. And reminding me that this was a small thing. Not world-shaking and certainly not worthy of a fit throwing. And I was better than this, He reminded me.

Man, He's always right. Sigh.

So I apologized to God and Netflix (inside my head) and went on to adjust our queue where I put three Stargates at the top and a movie at number 4. With a smirk I said to the computer screen, "Let's see them skip over three Stargate discs!"

And what did they send us the next time? The movie.

Ackkk! I felt my blood begin to boil, but you know? This time, almost immediately, I realized it just was not worth the energy to get all upset. And also, I knew this was the second half of my Not-Getting-My-Way take-home test. And I knew God was watching to see how I handled it. What grade I would earn.

So I stayed calm. Smiled. And said, "You Netflix morons--uh, very nice people-- are not going to make me mad this time. So there. I know what's happening here and this is one test I'm going to pass." And I simply moved ten Stargate discs to the top of our queue. (Ten!)

And soon after that is when the miracle happened. Well, a kinda-sorta miracle. In all the years we've been signed up with Netflix, not once--not one single time--have they processed any of our returned movies on a Saturday. And believe me, many of our movies have arrived at the Netflix warehouse on Saturdays, but not until Monday do they let us know about it, then mail us a movie.

Well, that Saturday I got an email saying they'd received our last disc and we'd be getting Stargate SG-1 on Monday. Wow. That had never, ever happened before. Maybe they began adding a Saturday shift that very Saturday or maybe it was a fluke. But whatever, I couldn't help but feel this first-time 'miracle' happened--in part--because I'd passed that earlier test. I'd not thrown a fit, didn't allow my blood to boil, but just took it calmly, the way I should have the first time.

God doesn't let me get away with much. And you know? I'm glad. Life is way more enjoyable as a grown-up who is letting God grow her up His way... not hers.


Dying to self: dying to my right to say whatever I want,
dying to my right to do whatever I wish,
dying to my right to concentrate upon whatever thoughts fall into my head.


A special thanks to each of you for your sweet (and over the top in some cases) comments about our front porch. I really appreciate your kindness.


Donetta said...

Maturity shines well upon you :)

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful post and so true. Thanks for the reminder.