Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Some of my blogging friends are experiencing depression/melancholy/the blahs and I feel sad for them. I also feel deja vu when I read their words for I remember having those same sorts of weeks and years back in the 80's and 90's. But the good news? God set me from from depression and He can do it for anyone.

But now, for me, there are just occasional moments of melancholy and I've learned to--as Barney Fife would say--nip them in the bud. As in gardening, it's one thing to pull up a tiny weed, but quite another to yank and tug a huge monster weed which has been allowed to grow a long, mighty root.

If I feel sadness or a discomfort within this skin, if I've lost my joy and contentment, I immediately begin asking myself questions:

What sorts of thoughts am I thinking? What am I concentrating upon? Too much of one thing? Too much of a negative thing? Am I wallowing in self-condemnation, being way too critical of myself--or others?

Am I holding a grudge toward someone or resenting God, even? Has my heart grown impatient? Am I gossiping? Am I obeying my convictions?

Am I holding onto the past, am I trying to live there? Am I holding onto a fear of the unknown future? Am I worrying about anything or anyone?

Am I eating right, or am I eating the sloppy way I used to in my carefree 20's? Am I taking my vitamins and getting enough sleep? Am I working too hard? Have I taken time out for fun lately?

Am I mistreating the people in my life? Am I nagging my husband? Am I ignoring him or my friends? Do I owe a lot of emails or apologies?

But usually? Usually, for me, the problem lies in one place. Often when my peace has vanished it's simply because I've gone all out-of-balance and I've been desiring something else more than I desire God. My hunger for things or activities or my own way has become greater than my hunger for more of God in my life.

When my minute-by-minute relationship with God is tight and right, then all else amazingly falls into place. When I'm close to God, when I've got a grip upon His strong arm, I can never wander away more than a short step before He pulls me back... before He brings me back to center... before He restores and refreshes my soul.

My hourly hunger for Him, for me, is the key. For He is Light and Goodness and Joy-- and it's inside His presence where I want to remain and dance and celebrate all the days of my Life.


Psalm 16:11
"You will show me the path of life: in Your presence is fulness of joy; at Your right hand there are pleasures for evermore..."


Robin in New Jersey said...

Excellent questions to ask oneself when sadness hits. I have discovered that most of the time the answer lie within ourselves.

Dolores Lynn said...

What a beautiful, thought inspiring post,Debra. Dolores

Louba said...

Nice post. I find when Spring is here in all its glory and everything around us is exploding with life and vigor, one almost feel oblige to feel the same way to keep up with all that's happening, growing, changing... If we find we're not in sync with all that energy, it seems we're letting ourselves down but it shouldn't be. Spring has that quality that brings light and hope and maybe we should just enjoy it without entering in the 'doing' at all cost.

RMC1 said...

Great thoughts that are always timely, an expressed in your unique style. "The joy of the Lord IS our strength."