Monday, June 20, 2005

Subtle Ways To Ruin A Marriage

1. Speak so often of your spouse's faults, that you eventually forget he/she even has any good qualities.

2. Barely spend any time at home.

3. Express more loyalty toward your children than to your spouse.

4. Spend very little time alone with your spouse. Rarely go out on dates.

5. Form soul ties with someone from the opposite sex.

6. Rarely go on vacation with your spouse and your family.

7. Take your spouse for granted. Put him/her near the bottom of your priority list.

8. Yell during arguments. Call your spouse names. Seldom let him/her express how they feel.

9. Play the Blame Game. Blame all your relationship problems on your spouse. Hold a grudge.

10. Always have the last word, the last dollar and the last piece of cake.


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