Thursday, June 30, 2005

Soul-Satisfying Contentment

Soul-Satisfying Contentment.

For me,
It wasn't in a wedding
or a marriage
or in bearing a child
or buying a house
or a car or a cat or a sofa.

For me,
It wasn't in a church
or a church position of authority
or an outside job
or all the money I wanted
or books
or gardens
or movies
or vacations
or food
or parties
or in collecting stuff.

For me,
It wasn't in being thin
or pretty
nor in the right hairstyle or clothes
or in friends
or being well-liked and accepted.

It wasn't in going to college
or in cramming my brain with facts
or using 9-letter words to impress others
or in being right.

For me,
It was only found in
friendship with Jesus.

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