Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Marvelous Day

I forgot to tell you what I did on Memorial Day.

Tom had to work as usual. He's worked most holidays since we've been married (something I had to learn to just accept. Only took me 20 years--that's all.).

So during the 12 hours I was alone, I did the most amazing thing. Oh, I didn't go on a picnic alone, or anything. I did sit on the porch awhile, though, and felt gratitude for those who fought for our freedom. I watched my Mayberry-esque neighborhood laughing in the streets and then drive away on their own family picnics. And I sat there and felt I'd come such a long way from the days when I'd sit and pout all day because Tom had to work holidays. God pretty much had to drag me, whining and complaining, that long way until I 'got it'--until I understood complaining only made things worse. I'm glad He didn't just drop me and leave me somewhere (if I had been Him, I would have).

But I digress....

What did I do that was so marvelous on Memorial Day? I walked around my house and finally, after weeks and, in some cases, months, I took care of many of the little things which, every time I had passed them, had cried, "Put me away! Fix me! Clean Me! Trash me! Paint me! Mail me!"

Oh my... What a Freeing Thing it is to take care of what you have procrastinated for so very long. What a lightness to your head it brings. And what a sad realization it is that you could have had this lovely free feeling much sooner. And what an even sadder realization it is to discover most of these repairs or tasks took less than ten minutes.

For goodness' sake.

Well, we all have our weaknesses and now you know another of mine.

"Hi. My name is Debra."
("Hi Debra.")
"I am a procrastinator."

But I am learning. I am growing. I am becoming more free in this area.

God is good.


Note to myself: By procrastinating what needs to be done, I'm also procrastinating freedom and a sense of accomplishment.


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