Saturday, June 04, 2005

One Day Can Make Such a Difference

My oh my. I can hardly believe myself, for I'm actually looking forward to moving! You can't believe it either, right?

But ever since yesterday--deciding to move South, not West--I've felt such a great sense of relief. As though I'll be able to continue living this Mayberry Life after all. 

Truly, I'd tried hard to accept that this phase of life was just that--a phase. A temporary blessing. That I'd have to live the next thirty years in a land where I no longer felt at home or like my true self.

But now it appears Mayberry Life will continue, only in a different locale. Both Tom and I are very excited now about someday moving--and yet we don't have one single concrete detail! We don't know what kind of a job he'll have for certain. We don't know the state in which we'll settle.

It doesn't seem to matter right now.

Yet we do know we will find a beat-up old farmhouse which needs us-- and in a place where the cheapest one is **not** over $250,000. That, and the general direction is about all we know.

We are thrilled to finally be in agreement and are elated to feel like God is leading us somehow through the desires of our hearts.

Everything looks different today than it did yesterday morning. I do believe Grace arrived in the afternoon with her suitcases of Courage and Hope!

The lesson for me and for those of you who are reading this?

Never believe that things will never change. Never believe your best days are over.

Instead, always believe that everything can change for the better-- if you'll only wait until tomorrow.


Dr. Phil tells couples to make a plan they can both be excited about and hey, I believe that's what Tom and I did yesterday. Guess he knows what he's talking about, after all.  ツ


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