Thursday, November 18, 2004

So, Like, What Are You Afraid Of?

Yesterday my 60-something mother took her first plane ride. 

Ever since I've known her (a considerable time) she's proclaimed she would never, ever, fly in a plane. No way. Don't even go there. My dad, though, had flown before, you know, when he was in the Navy--back in the 1950's.

Somehow my brother talked our ground-loving parents into flying out to see him in Texas. Kudos to him. My mother said she'd go through with it because she's older now and is prepared to go to Heaven if they crash. 

Good ol' optimistic Mom.

Fear. There's a good, common-sense kind and a life-spoiling, regret-making kind. I hate that latter one.

There's a saying: "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

Huh! Try becoming a gymnast, a firefighter or a professional football player when you are 50 and you've just sat in a chair eating pretzels  for the last 40 years. Try becoming a young and up-and-coming executive when you are no longer young and instead, clueless. Unmotivated.

Lesson? Whatever you are afraid of--get over it. Now.

Here's a 'saying' which is true:

We have different gifts, according to the grace given us....Romans 12:6

The most famous people throughout history--the inventors, great thinkers, world-changers-- are remembered partly for their inventions, changes, but also? For fulfilling precisely what God created them to do. 

Have you ever watched someone, or read what an author wrote and been struck by the thought, "He's doing exactly what he was meant to do on this Earth."? You stare at what he's accomplished and it's as perfect as can be in this imperfect world. 

It rings true somewhere inside you and you almost shiver with awe.

Well, what are you waiting for? Don't you think it's time to do what you were put here to do? I hope you're not waiting for all the fear to go away--God is huge about this helping us walk on water stuff. He purposely gives us something to do that's beyond our own ability so that we'll always need His capable hand. And if He's in the mix we will accomplish incredible feats.

In the words of that great philosopher, Nike-- Just do it.

The rest of us are waiting for the pleasure, the help we'll derive from watching you fulfill your calling.



Michael said...

My current dryer-spinning thought is about all the passions and talents I see in people around me.
It makes me wonder if they see it in themselves?
Then it makes me wonder if they see these things in me?

Keep us thinking.
Keep us stretching.

Take Care

Radiant Spirit said...

You know how when you hear someone speak in church and the subject is just perfect you think he is talking about you? Well, this is somewhat like that. When I read your entry, I blink, and than read over again. I had to make sure I read it right, right? Well, I did. *Sigh* You can call me a fear-oholic. I am afraid of all bugs, snakes, flying, upside down rides, the sea (cruising, I am afraid it will sink and I will die). I am not as bad but I still have those fears. I am also afraid of hights. How messed up I am! Sheesh! *Laughs* Thanks for the words, you gave me something to think about. God Bless and take care OK? I am adding your to my blogroll. :-P

Debra said...

Thanks Michael. Your passions and talents do show through your writing. I see them. We all do. Keep it up, ok?
Radiant Spirit--Thanks for your comments, too, and I welcome you here. I'll pray that God will help you step away from your fears so that you will find yourself in the midst of exciting new adventures with Him. God bless... Debra