Sunday, March 22, 2020

My Toilet Paper Story--Or--You Expected The Holy Spirit To Shout?

"God wants to give you inside information.
The Holy Spirit in you will "show you things to come." Jesus shocked the disciples with a description of coming troubles, but followed up saying, "See that you be not troubled because these things must come to pass."   ---  Lance Wallnau


Way back in The Normal Days (February), I stepped down to our basement, spied our toilet paper supply and thought, "Hmm. We've enough left for 3 months, but for some reason? I think we should order one 12-roll package. That will last us an additional 4 months." (We buy 1,000 sheet rolls.)

After 6+ years of prepping for any trouble, I know the math on this stuff. It's branded upon my brain.

So I climbed the stairs, sat down at the computer and put together an online order with extra a-bit-low-on items.

Before Tom was laid off in 2010, I'd always stock my cupboards and freezer around November for winter, yes. But toward the end of 20 long months of unemployment? I vowed, when paychecks returned, to live an always-prepared lifestyle.

I wrote here (a lot) about that adventure because, Honey? Learning to become a wise prepper requires years.

You need years to (truly, wisely) learn how to--

Stock your cupboards/freezers sensibly, to rotate items for no waste. To safely store certain items which last 'forever'.

Cook whole meals from simple, stored ingredients. That you can eat most canned foods past their date if they're not rusted or dented. How to give foods their longest shelf life.

Not buy, say, cornmeal if your favorite online prepper swears you need pounds of it, but your spouse hates the stuff. You learn how to make substitutions in cooking and everything else.

Store a few items so to aid your neighbors. Stay in good physical shape so you can do what you must.

Every few months, walk through your home, take inventory, write down your shortages, then purchase what you need. 

Also include medications, pet foods, beauty items and other often-forgotten stock-up items.

Budget so, especially at the beginning, you can stock-up while also purchasing your current supplies.

Always live prepared so that you'll never have to battle panicked, wild-eyed supermarket crowds in a disaster. (Did you see the video of long lines snaking through the parking lot of an L.A. supermarket?!)

No way will you see me shopping amongst crowds any time soon. No. Way.
shared what I was learning, all while wondering if anyone cared or would heed my warnings, ones like-- "The time to prepare for emergencies is before they arrive. After is generally too late."

But what I've also learned? To just obey God's instructions--and leave the results to Him. That's the key (I feel) to never burning-out in ministry or becoming upset with folks who will not listen.

I'll rejoice that I obeyed God, not in any supposed success or readership. And I'll keep stepping forward, in love, completing my calling.

Anyway, hardcore preppers learn more, skills like how to build campfires and/or outdoor stoves, cook over open flames, heat a room with candles, do first-aid, plan to live without electricity, provide alternate sources of heat, cut their own hair and--

Jesus told us--

“I will send you the Helper from the Father. The Helper is the Spirit of truth[b] who comes from the Father. When he comes, he will tell about me."   … John 15:26

And sometimes I wonder if we believe that's all the Holy Spirit was sent for. To help us tell others about Jesus and to explain Bible verses.

But no. The Helper came to help us with everything. With Life, actually, upon a divided, crazy planet in a Last Days, who-knows-what's-next era. 

And today I'm saying He still does all things well. He knows the future and He still leads us, by His quiet voice, to be prepared in all ways: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, supply-wise, etc. Even when we've no clue what's creeping near. 

But! This all works only if we'll humble ourselves, keep a quiet heart, listen--then obey, even the silly-sounding stuff.

"But whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.”   … Proverbs 1:33 

"Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future."   … Proverbs 19:20

Gracious! By 8 pm tonight we in New York will be pretty much confined by law to stay home. Yeah, we can get groceries and essential workers can still go out, but the remainder of us the rest of the time? We're not even supposed to visit with our neighbors. Nor have anyone over. If we're good little citizens we can stand outside in our yard, tho'. Alone. heh.

But oh dear. My sweet little neighborhood coffee shop is closed until further notice.  And yes, that news got me teary-eyed.

Gee, what a super blessing is the Internet, right? How wonderful that we can still fellowship this way, in fact, I'd love to hear how you are handling our new way of life!

And lastly, I shared this at Facebook---

Prepper vindication. How sweet it is. heh. I spied this comment at a video called, Preppers Aren't That Crazy Now, Are They?
"Hi Mike, I never thought I would be at the point where I would ever have said this. But I owe every single prepper an apology. While I never trolled preppers directly in any way, I have laughed at and mocked preppers to no end for years now. And now I find myself, like many others, realizing that preppers have been right all along. You have probably seen it's not just sanitizer and toilet paper anymore. Very little meat, even less produce, and no cows milk to be found anywhere. And I am not prepared. That ends as soon as things normalize. I am going to begin taking steps to prep for things like this in the future. I look forward to seeing more of your channel."

"For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." ... Matthew 6:14,15


Betsy said...

“I will send you the Helper from the Father. The Helper is the Spirit of truth who comes from the Father. When he comes, he will tell about me." … John 15:26

Debra, we listened to two different online church services this morning and both used this verse in the sermon and then I opened up your blog and there it was again. I think God is giving me a message today, don't you?

As for your prepping wisdom, we have done the same for years. I always keep months of canned goods and keep the freezer stocked. I always have a 6 month supply of toilet paper too. I don't understand people who only have food for the week. People have joked about my food supply but it never has bothered me. I always have 2 extra deodorant, shampoo, soaps, laundry detergent, etc. too.

Why? The same reason you started. Dennis was laid off back when Jamie was 3 months old, in 1983. We had a little food, but not nearly enough. Thank goodness we were 3 months ahead in all of our bills, but we quickly ran out of food. If it weren't for our family we would have starved. I vowed, never again. And I have kept 9-12 months of canned food, flour and meat in the freezer, etc. ever since.

It has been such a blessing. We could freely share of our excess when we heard of a need. Someone needs groceries? No problem, I can fill a bag and replenish it next payday. God is SO GOOD!

Thank you for this post and if I were a gambling person, I'd be willing to bet that there will be a lot of new people like us out there after this is all over with.

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Hi Debra,

I was so happy to see your post this morning when I got online - since we are encouraged to NOT have visitors come to visit right now but YOU did show up and I thank you for it!

I too usually stock ahead (especially for winter) but like Betsy, I always have toilet papers ahead and also cat food, canned foods and so on so I'm in pretty good shape for now ... EXCEPT for one essential that I never thought would be essential to emergency situations like the one we're now facing. What is it you ask? Well .... it's CHOCOLATE. I want chocolate! LOL

I'm over 60 (*cough* *cough*), I'll be 64 the first part of May and also I have COPD and asthma so though I know I'll have to go to the store within the next 2-3 weeks, I do not look forward to it because it would not be good if I were to get the virus. When I do go though, you'd best believe that chocolate will be one thing I bring home with me. Ha! Ha!

I can't begin to tell you what an awesome job you do with the pictures that you pick out for the beginning of your blog. They all just seem to go right with your title and I especially loved the pic your posted here at the start of your post!

For the most part I'm coping well with the staying away from people - it's odd though to seldom see anyone in the hallway as I'm used to when we're living our normal lives here. Still, I have been keeping busy online and offline as well.

That is one thing, I always have something to keep me busy and am one who is seldom ever bored. (Thank God for that because I hate that feeling!) I know and have known quite a few people who were always bored but they just didn't get it ... find a hobby, get an interest in "something" and you won't be bored at all. I can't imagine not having any hobbies or interests or nothing to do.

Have a wonderful day, ladies and stay safe!

Pam said...

I am so thankful that we have a Helper!!! This morning during quiet time with Him, I sensed Him urging me NOT to react to the news of escalating numbers, but to respond to Him. I want to immerse myself in biblical truth--especially those wonderful promises that bring us comfort and hope. We do have much to be grateful for. I thank God for help and healing this day!! Today, I'm having my 66th birthday and that's a gift from the Lord. Four years ago right now, I had major cancer surgery, but praise God, I truly feel wonderful. He holds the solution for every single promise each of us will face. Debra, thanks for your encouraging words, and I so appreciate the comments, too. Have a great day gang!

Pam said...

Meant to say, "He holds the solution for every single problem we will face." I'm getting older and can't type well... ha

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Happy Birthday Pam, I hope you have an awesome day (and I'll bet ya don't even look a day older!) (Hugs)


Pam said...

Thank you, Debi!

Debra said...

Betsy-- I do love confirmation so much! Thank-you for sharing that with me.

Debi--so glad to hear you're doing well and staying busy! Thanks for letting me know you enjoy the pictures--it had been a long while since anyone mentioned those. :)

Pam--as I wrote to you, I hope your birthday was a wonderful one in the midst of all these changes. Rejoicing with you again that you're still here and healthy!

Thanks so much, Everyone. Please keep in touch as we all go through this together! Blessings, Debra