Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Still Accepting The Slow-Poke-ness Of It All

Well, since we moved to Hobbit Cottage I've stood all bent over at the spigot outside while gripping my watering can, waiting for it to fill, so to water my plants. (To use a hose would be, in my mind, too complicated.) I'd been filling the can with less water lately (meaning more times standing there) because they're making water heavier these days.  :)

It only took me 4 years to think of this bright idea:


Oh, and I no longer dream about moving to a different house. I finally realized what I truly wanted was more storage and display options here. The more shelves we bring in, the more content I am becoming.

And does anyone remember my make-crockpot-meals-in-the-morning idea? Oh wow--life transforming. There aren't even words. Only took me a couple years of rough, oh-my-poor-ol'-back afternoons to think of that solution.

If you are still trying to accept that ideas which required minutes of focus in your 30's now take years in your 50's (and beyond), please know I'm right there with you.

Acceptance. It's only a starting point, but so necessary and I'm finding I must retrain my brain as I age, as in, keep out the cluttered thoughts (even ones everybody else may be talking about) so to save room for the smaller, necessary ones of this new daily life. I'm also discovering that I must rely upon God more, but hey. That's good.

Really good, because He always comes bearing serenity, so it's easier to think clearly when I'm standing close to Him.


“Why should things be easy to understand?” 
― Thomas Pynchon

“Not every puzzle is intended to be solved. Some are in place to test your limits. Others are, in fact, not puzzles at all...” 
― Vera NazarianThe Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

I can resent where I am and stagnate, or I can accept it and proceed to make progress. The choice is mine.


A spiffy, just-right yard sale find this weekend for only .50 cents:

I'm enjoying the difference it's made in our dining area.

Free Kindle Books:


Tracy Lee said...

Oh that Seaside Secrets book looks like my cup of tea! Love the cross-stitch picture you found...what a steal!

So glad you are finding contentment at Hobbit Cottage. Your home and life are so charming. :)

Pam said...

How great that you discovered that more storage and display areas are your solution to feeling satisfaction with your home. And so much simpler than moving!! The very thought of sorting, packing, and moving exhausts me. Happy for you, Deb.

Debra said...

Tracy--yes! That book does look good. Amazon let me know that I'd bought it months ago--guess it's time to give it a try. :) I'm glad you liked the cross-stitch. I was pretty pleased with that deal!

Pam--yep! I've realized lately that my idea of a perfect house is one with lots of closets, pantries and storage, so of course now I'm on a mission to put all that into my house. :) But as you said, it's definitely easier than moving--oh the headaches of that!

Thanks, Ladies! ... Debra