Friday, July 24, 2015

Freecycle And Hoarders And Giving

"... Freely you have received; freely give."...   Matthew 10:8


So we had a vintage art-deco-ish nightstand which got squeezed out of my closet after I put together my 6th set of white shelves. (I told you we needed extra storage around here.)

So the nightstand, though just the kind of lovely old thing I prefer to keep, had to go. When you live in only 860 square feet (and have low-sloping walls upstairs) you can't keep everything. Well, if you're a hoarder and don't care how the place looks, you can try. But I'm not, though sometimes, oddly, I wish I was. Well, not a big-time hoarder, but someone who can relax and keep things to the point of clutterdom. But clutter makes my stomach queasy, unless I'm at someone else's house, then I rather like it.

Yes, sometimes I make no sense.

Anyway. I listed the nightstand on Freecycle and four sweet-sounding ladies wanted it. Gah. I found myself wishing I had 4 nightstands, not just 1. I love giving furniture away and seeing people all giddy because they got a bargain. Really.

Did you know that the tv show, Hoarders, is back? I still stare at that crazy show, all transfixed and feeling sorry for everybody, even the professionals who must deal with the hoarders' mindsets/bondages and their junk. And even after years of watching, it still surprises me when the hoarders can't find joy in donating extra items to the needy who would care for them. 

Giving was meant to fill us with happiness. To keep the grip of selfishness away and a flow going, instead: things wooshing out, so better things can woosh back in. It should be our 'normal', for God designed us that way.

But I do pray that each hoarder up there on my tv screen will get set free. God designed us to live that way, also. Free. In Him.


“For it is in giving that we receive.” 
― Francis of Assisi


It's been quiet around my blog lately, hasn't it? Well, I've been dealing with sinus issues again and finally had to face facts--again--that my sinuses just can't handle my favorite creamer for my hot chocolate.


So rather than keep trying (like a child) to get away with something (and live with my head hanging in a facial steamer all the time), I had to dump the creamer down the drain. 

And again accept that--even though it's unfair-- I must make changes if I wish to feel well. It's wisdom at its most simplistic.

Poor ol' Debra, right?  


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Elizabeth said...

A lovely nightstand! I am sure someone was very happy to get it! I know exactly what you mean about having to give up something you love! I am sure missing my ice cream these days but being well and healthy is so much better! I think as we get older we get that wisdom!

Debra said...

So true, Elizabeth! As soon as I gave up the creamer I remembered what it felt like to feel good again. :) There are lots of good substitutes out there for whatever we like and I need to make the decision to stick with those, instead. Thanks for your comment! Hugs, Debra

Bonnie said...

Yes, HOARDERS is back on and I enjoy it to no end. I've never thought of it as voyurism *not sure about spelling...that some think it is. I like to concentrate on the (I assume it's free) help and aftercare that they're receiving. And then I always hope they've helping hundreds more at home with the story. Maybe giving the surrounding family the courage to help just "one more time" until they get some resolution. The family relationships are fascinating to me, as well as the care and love some of the psychologists provide. (I have my favorites. lol) Well, here's to our tidy little homes given to us by God.