Friday, July 31, 2015

Lions. Do They Even Matter?

Facebook reminds me why I don't spend oodles of time with people in Real Life.


Have you seen those articles floating around which pretty much say, "So what if Cecil the Lion died? People are more important anyway. Get over it. Let's discuss what really matters."

(Insert steam coming out of my ears here.)

I mean, look. Yes, Jesus died for people and they are more important. Ok. And true, the media does not always cover the more vital stories in, well, big ways and yes, we should care about injustice toward humans.

But does that prove that this story shouldn't be spread? That animal lovers should be shamed? That animals mean nothing to God and should barely be a blip on our radar? I think not. 

If they were just oh-hum-animals, the Bible would not say this about sparrows:

 "Are not two little sparrows sold for a penny? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father’s leave (consent) and notice."   ... Matthew 10:29

God notices when each tiny brown sparrow falls--or in the case of Life at Hobbit Cottage--gets pecked to death by grackles. And who's to say His eyes aren't upon other animals' stilled bodies? Hmm? Why do we keep shoving Bible verses into boxes, believing they mean just one thing only?

And well, if you know the story of Christian the Lion and can watch this video without a tear in your eye (while reconsidering a few mindsets), hey, I feel sadness for you.

To me? All life matters. Every breathing creature has a purpose upon this planet even if, yes, it's to, mainly, feed us. Yet always I believe there is more. Why would God place the ability within us to care deeply for our pets as well as appreciate with gratitude the beauty of all wild creatures if none of this, of them, were important?

It all matters: right and wrong and Life and Death and compassion, amazement and gratitude for all God's provision, design and creatures whether covered in skin or fur or feathers.

On the Sixth Day God stood back, viewed what He'd spoken into existence and called it all very good. And as for me, I'm still calling it very good, as well, all these thousands of years later, even if many of my friends seem not to anymore.

But oh well.


My sweet husband feels as I do about this. We are simpatico about much in this life and truly I am blessed. Truly.


If we'd daily, faithfully, do what we're called to, we might just, with glad acceptance, extend that same freedom to others.


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Tracy Lee said...

I have seen the video about Christian the Lion and cried like a baby. I love my animals. They love unconditionally and bring laughter, companionship, and joy to my life. I will never understand how people can abuse animals (or people for that matter) and I certainly don't agree with trophy hunting. Poor Cecil...

Terra said...

I am sorry Cecil died and his family is left leaderless. If people love lions please consider joining a group like African Wildlife Foundation. I am a long time member and they do great work helping lions and all African wildlife.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I agree
It made me sick to hear this story about the Lyon
Animals do
I just can't stand to see animal abuse
All we can do is pray