Saturday, July 25, 2015

Eleven Years and Still Blogging

Can it really be? Yes, as of today I've been blogging for 11 mostly terrific years.

During my first 4 decades of Life, I usually felt as though (almost) no one desired to hear my heart's words or about what I was reading or watching. But then God led me to you, an audience who actually wanted to listen.

And gracious! Some of you have survived hung around the entire 11 years through all our moves and the best-and-worst-of-times farm adventure and my wordy sermons/teachings, as well as my personal tweaking of things as I grow older. Lots of you have read here for 5 or 7 or 9 years and honest, I'm even surprised when anyone lasts past 2 weeks. I don't always serve 'dessert' here, but often, the nitty gritty how-are-we-behaving-as-Christians? stuff.

Not a lot of people appreciate that sort of thing.

But I'm grateful for each of you who does, each of you who cares and each of you who forgives me when my posts aren't quite what you needed for that day. I thank you for hanging around long enough until I speak about what is needful for your own heart.

So on this 11th anniversary I say thank-you. Without an audience, this blog would have slipped down into the land of Ghost Town Blogs, but you--and God-- have kept it from sinking there. 

Bless you.


In other News:

A water guy from the city came to our red door and told me our water main is broken/cracked/whatever, hence our low water pressure and the screaming shower. 

But the good news? The break is on *their* side so we'll not have to pay the thousands of dollars it could have cost. Whew. Totally thank-you-Jesus whew.

Now, hopefully I can, by faith, believe it won't take them forever to fix the problem.  :) 

Oh, and yesterday 2 of our neighbors from across the way came over as Tom arrrived home and told us they'd noticed a wasp's nest on the front peak of our house. A huge nest that somehow I had missed (I must not be looking up enough. It happens.)

We all stared at it awhile. Commented about it's simplistic beauty, but how it still needs to go.

We'll be calling Wasp Guy soon.


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Pam said...

Eleven years blogging--definitely a milestone. Congratulations!! I've certainly been blessed by your writing and I hope and pray you continue for many more years. Hugs!!

Tracy Lee said...

Happy Bloggiversary, Debra! Your blog is one of my very favorites! :)

Dewena said...

Happy Blog Anniversary to you! I didn't even know there were blogs 11 years ago. I think you really should celebrate this, it is a huge accomplishment.

Terra said...

I have followed your dear blog for years and am glad it is not going to the Blog Ghost Town! Good news for you about the water pipe that the break is on the city's side. Happy Blogaversary.

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Debra....Happy Blogging Anniversary!
I check every day to see if you have shared your thoughts with us. :)
I found you when you were still on the farm, then you moved shortly after that.
Take care,
Nancy in Montana

Elizabeth said...

I am certainly glad you are blogging and hope you always do!!!

Bonnie said...

God Bless you, Debra and Happy Blogging Anniversary. I think I estimated at one time that I've been around reading about 7 years. At any rate you were on the farm when I started. You are my favorite Buffalo-connection-sister-in-christ-down-to-earth-blogger. You're just a real person and Oh how I appreciate that realness. Keep up those real words and all the joy and uplifting you do. We need your balance in this world. I hope the city's water problem wasn't too much of an inconvenience. By the way....You've also lead me to some other wholesome blogs that I want to say thanks for, too. Have a great sunday, Deborah. Love, Bonnie

Robin in New Jersey said...

Happy Anniversary, Debra! It is a pleasure to stop by and your blog. YOU are a blessing!

Rodney Olsen said...

CONGRATULATIONS. So many blogs have disappeared but you just keep on going. Thanks for all the years of thoughtful posts.

Deborah Raney said...

Echoing what everyone else has said, Debra. I don't know how long I've been reading your blog, but I think I've moved to three or four houses "with" you, if that says anything. I always enjoy your down-to-earth wisdom, love your simple, but creative and frugal decorating and have taken many pages from your playbook. May the Lord keep giving you encouraging things to say, and may we enjoy your wisdom for many years to come.

mabeane said...

Congratulations. Keeping the same blog for 11 years is awesome. I started reading you in 2006, right when I started blogging. However I have had several different blogs over time so I commend you again for sticking with this one!

Debra said...

Pam--thanks for reading here and for being such a special encourager!

Tracy--one of my longest-time readers! Thank-you for your kind words and the inspiration you give through your own blog and books!

Dewena--you are a favorite new reader and I enjoy your creative, imaginative blog much!

Terra--I always appreciate your encouraging comments--thank-you!

Nancy--thank-you for checking in on me. That means a lot! Glad you've been here these past few years now.

Elizabeth--I'm thankful that you and I met through blogging! It seems like you live very close by instead of a few states away.

Bonnie--you're one of my favorite encouragers--thank-you! We seem to have much in common and I always enjoy hearing from you.

Robin--another longtime reader and special friend! Thank-you.

Rodney--how fun to hear from you! You and I go way back to when blogs were just beginning to spread. Congrats on keeping your own blog alive for such a long time!

Deb--yep, you're one of my longest time readers going way back to Autumn Cottage even. Thanks for all your encouragement over the years! It means a lot to me.

Jan--wow, nine years! Thank-you for being such a faithful reader all this time. I appreciate it.

An additional special thanks to each of you for taking the time to stop by and share such kindness with me. Blessings, Debra